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3 thoughts on “View 3 Years of Dr. Spilchuk’s Columns on ISR

  1. Dear Kathy

    You can do some thing about this situation for other teachers considering this school – you can post on the ISR Member’s Site or do an Administrative Evaluation on ISR to ensure that the information is out there for other teachers.

    As far as the Board goes, clearly if this type of behaviour towards teachers is standard for this Head, and he/she is still around, the Board either approves and appreciates this type of administration or it is only concerned with the bottom financial line of the school.

    Unfortunately, there are toxic administrators in schools all over the world. The more quickly you can remove this school/this administrator from your list of references, the better for you.



  2. Dear Dr. Spilchuk,
    I had a horrible experience at an internationl school in Oman. My questions are these – If the Head of School has many complaints, many of which have gone to the board of directors, then why does she still maintain her position despite the numerous number of teachers who have left their jobs because of her behavior and lack of ethics? Also, this particular head gave me bad recommendations verbally on many occasions and ruined many chances at obtaining other employment. She seems to know how to get away with this. She will write a medium to lukewarm recommendation on paper and then find ways to sneak negative comments into a verbal reference. I had numerous jobs be almost offered and then fall through after people checking my references spoke to her. I have also heard that she has done this to many others and in some cases has ruined teacher’s careers this way. So my question is, what recourse does a teacher have in this case?

    Kathy Snith


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