Job Scams to Cheat International Teachers


Dear ISR,

Please check out the following international job offer and warn teachers who read International Schools Review that it’s nothing more than a scam to fool teachers that want to teach abroad.

This job offer has been posted around on the internet for a school said to be located in Spain. The contact person goes by the name of Arnau Javier: The school Director is named as Philip Ordyka. He uses the email address:

The process this ‘school’ uses to ‘hook’ unsuspecting international teachers and grab their money is to 1) gather information, 2) make a bogus offer to the teacher, and then 3) ask for some money for two months’ rent for an apartment at their location.

I am always wary of “international schools” who have no internet presence or mention on the internet at all, except for one employment offer. Thanks to a fellow ESL teacher who visited the address listed and could find NO school. It’s a good thing there is always someone out there who is looking after others.

Signed: Wary International Teacher

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6 thoughts on “Job Scams to Cheat International Teachers

  1. Do not respond to any job offers or adverts for Ombrosa International Bilingual School on Caluire (Lyon) France. Someone is scamming teachers by offering them jobs and then asking them to send along hundreds of Euros for a visa and hundreds more for an accommodation guarantee. That’s about 1200 Euros you’re to send off by Western Union to some address in Spain.
    It’s a scam…I’ve been in touch with the director of this school and at present he is not looking for teachers.

    Any school that asks you for money up front is up to no good…don’t do it.


    1. The same is happening to me, but in this case, they claim they are an oil & gas company named Umpire Technology Trust Services. They also have a website and everything. Seems to be very real. I should move to London to work as Translator/Interpreter, but I suspected and they said I should send money to Western Union as minimum proof of funds. The letter above is quite identical to the one I received, only minor differences.
      People need to be warned about this!


  2. YES this is a scam. No international school will ask you for any money before your arrival. Think about it. If they cannot afford to pay the first two months of rent on your place how can they pay your salary. The contract is only as good as the reputation of the owners. If there is none then pass on it.


  3. I recently applied to the school mentioned in the letter to ISR. I did not send a resume but just typed in a brief work history. After receiving the following job offer I checked with my references to see if they had been contacted and the answer was no.

    Here is the offer of employment I received. It does ask that I send two months rent in advance along with a visa processing fee of 850 Euros / $1161 U.S. dollars. I have yet to receive an address for the school.

    Here is what I was sent.

    After going through your written interview, the Director has selected you as one of the 2009/2010 English Teachers of Umpire International School. Though, no phone interview was conducted, the reason is that your qualification has deemed you fit for the position. We have attached the work contract to this email, you are expected to sign the contract, don’t forget to fill in your name at the space provided on the top of the contract. As soon as you have signed the contract, please scan, attach and send it to the school barrister for the final endorsement. Here is the barrister’s email:

    Your living accommodation(very close to the school compound, less than 5 minutes walk),one bedroom studio with kitchen will cost 2760 Euro for one year, that means 230 Euro per month ($320 US). As stated in the contract, teachers will pay only two months of the accommodation fee 460 Euro ($659 US) , while the school pays the rest (2300).Before your arrival to Spain, you are expected to send two months accommodation fee, which is 460 euros. It is our responsibility to furnish your apartment before your arrival. Obtaining your visa, if you need one, is the barrister’s duty, kindly email the barrister for details.

    Non EU,s will be requested to send 350 euros (501.76 US) for the processing of their traveling and working documents.

    In Summary Non EU’s will send 350 euros, visa processing fee and 460 euros, two months accommodation deposit, a total of 810 euros. (1 161.216 U.S. dollars) While the EU’s will send only 460 euros being two months accommodation deposits.

    We will pay your air ticket and send it to you through DHL courier service together with every other necessary document you might require for the work. On your day of arrival, the school driver will be sent in company of a staff to welcome you at the airport.

    There is a great opportunity to for you to learn Spanish Language while working with us, registration is free, and classes are arranged in groups of less than 13 people.

    Below is brief information about working and residing in Spain:

    EU nationals

    Spain recently announced that it will be opening its borders for workers from all EU countries in spring 2006. Therefore, as of that date, if you are an EU national you will not need a work permit to work in Spain — you can enter the country as a tourist and register with the Spanish national employment office (Instituto Nacional de Empleo – INEM) to look for a job. You then have 90 days to find employment — you can obtain an extension after that date or leave Spain and re-enter for a further 90 days. Once you find a job, you will need your employment contract in order to apply for your residence permit.

    Non-EU nationals

    Non-EUs who wish to work in Spain must obtain a work permit. They must also obtain a visa before moving to work in Spain.

    Work permits must be applied for at the Foreigners’ Office (Oficinas de Extranjeros) or to the provincial office of the Ministry of Labour (Delegación Provincial del Ministerio de Trabajo).It is the Employer’s duty to obtain all the necessary papers on behalf of the employee or as agreed by both parties.

    How long will it take to get an employee on site with a Spanish work permit?

    The supporting documentation needed is quite extensive and can take some time to collect. It must be submitted in Spanish, so translations should be taken into both time and financial budgets. Once the application has been lodged, processing takes between 1 and 2 months due to the highly bureaucratic systems designed to protect the resident labour markets.

    Below is the money transfer information:

    METHOD OF PAYMENT:Western Union Money Transfer

    RECEIVER: Kingsley Anderson

    ADDRESS:Arabista Ambrocio Huici,
    Valencia, Valencia, Spain.

    As soon as the transaction is completed, don’t forget to scan and send the payment slip to the Barrister’s email for pick.

    NB: Only non Eu’s are expected to pay the visa fee, both the EU’s and Non EU’s are advised to pay two months of the accommodation fee. A receipt will be issued to the candidate as soon as the payment is received. Both Eu’s and Non Eu’s are kindly requested to send their money within 4 working days.

    The school’s barrister, Kingsley Anderson will advise you further on the necessary steps to be taken. Kindly send the required fees, email the signed contract to him and wait for further instruction.

    Congratulations once more,

    Arnau Javier.


  4. In response to your current articles on scams, I had the following incident.

    I applied to El Gouna International School, Gouna, Red Sea Egypt. This is a legitimate and quiet good school in El Gouna, Egypt.

    About a month or so later I received an e-mail claiming to be from this school and asking me for money! Anyone who knows teachers should realize we have NO money! We are way over worked and way underpaid, but that’s another issue.

    I contacted the school and told them what happened.

    Check your sources at multiple sites and try to speak to someone preferably on the phone if not in person.


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