Best and Worst School Benefit Packages


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The realization that you can’t dine out because your school salary is too small in relation to  the local economy can be, at best, depressing—even more so if you’re putting in long hot days in overcrowded classrooms with no air conditioning or wifi and seriously lacking adequate teaching materials.

On the other hand, many international educators live like royalty, perhaps enjoying a maid, a nanny or cook, a driver, finely furnished housing, comprehensive health insurance, a complimentary car and strong savings and travel potential. Yes, many such schools do still exist in today’s worldwide economic downturn. All you have to do is find them!

Few schools, however, advertise their pay package, and recruiting venues usually release participating schools’ benefit information mere hours prior to the event. Many an international teaching candidate has dropped a school from their prospect list at the last-minute, realizing a dip into savings would be needed just to make ends meet at the particular school.

Which schools offer international educators the opportunity to live in the style to which we would all like to become accustomed? Which schools will keep you just above the poverty level? Our Best and Worst of International School Packages Blog is the place  to share and compare information on what potential schools realistically have to offer.


1,024 Responses to Best and Worst School Benefit Packages

  1. Jhoffry says:

    Does anyone have tips on schools that are willing to employ / train trailing spouses? Is this something that you have seen happen before? My wife is from SE Asia and has numerous degrees / qualification but all from her own country. I’m talking about a role as a teaching assistant or something similar.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, has anyone heard about the International School in Padua? I am a teacher looking at a job over there and wondered if anyone knew what the salary would be/cost of living? Thanks.

  3. dave says:


    What a great forum!!
    Can anyone tell me about the package at the british international school in shanghai (puxi/ padong).
    Is salary net or gross??


  4. Kindman says:

    You want a cracking salary, BIS And JIS in Jakarta are hard to beat. Great money and outstanding benefits, housing, utilities, staff, flights, vehicles. Unreal

  5. Certified Teacher says:

    Any info on Mosaica International School Hyderabad? Or other schools in India?

  6. Sillas says:

    Few schools, however, advertise their pay package, and recruiting venues usually release participating schools’ benefit information

  7. slunchice says:

    Has anyone worked in Barbados? Is the salary there livable for a family? Anything we should know?

  8. Pro Teacher says:

    Any info on Tunas Muda International School in Jakarta?

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