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The realization that you can’t dine out because your school salary is too small in relation to  the local economy can be, at best, depressing—even more so if you’re putting in long hot days in overcrowded classrooms with no air conditioning or wifi and seriously lacking adequate teaching materials.

On the other hand, many international educators live like royalty, perhaps enjoying a maid, a nanny or cook, a driver, finely furnished housing, comprehensive health insurance, a complimentary car and strong savings and travel potential. Yes, many such schools do still exist in today’s worldwide economic downturn. All you have to do is find them!

Few schools, however, advertise their pay package, and recruiting venues usually release participating schools’ benefit information mere hours prior to the event. Many an international teaching candidate has dropped a school from their prospect list at the last minute, realizing a dip into savings would be needed just to make ends meet at the particular school.

Which schools offer international educators the opportunity to live in the style to which we would all like to become accustomed? Which schools will keep you just above the poverty level? Our Best and Worst of International School Packages Blog is the place  to share and compare information on what potential schools realistically have to offer.

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  1. Dodo says:

    Anyone knows about the package at frankfurt international school, or European International School Taipei?

    What are the chances for a economics graduate?

  2. lookingforinfo says:

    Hello, does anyone have any information on salaries and accommodation at Regent International School in Dubai?

  3. Indo-Wonder says:

    Hey y’all,

    Does anyone have experience with Medan International School in Sumatra? Specifically, cost of living and savings potential given a pretty limited life style but with lots of traveling on all vacations. Is there a pay scale? And also I’m wondering how difficult it is to send money home to the States.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Cleopatra says:

    Anyone know what it is like working at the United World College IB in Costa Rica? Is it cultish, can you live on pay, ruin your resume…it sounds too good to be true in terms of the students…

    • Rebecca P. says:

      I’m looking at that school right now, too. I think it sounds amazing, but the pay is an issue. They told me that including the housing allowance of 300USD (which you then secure on your own, so prices vary), I would take home between 1500 and 2000 USD…and housing is in the 500-700USD range. That means you have 1000-1300USD in your pocket every month to spend, save, etc. My impression is that you can live well, travel, etc., especially if you will “live like a Costa Rican,” (the phrase they used…) but saving is not going to happen.

      • B says:

        Hello Rebecca: I do not know what exact type of job or living experience you are looking for, but have you considered the Middle East? Pay is MUCH better.

        • Rebecca P. says:

          I have definitely considered the Middle East, but I also need to keep in mind quality of life. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  5. pranav says:

    Can anybody comment on the package offered by fairview international school, Malaysia?
    Is it sufficient enough to survive and also save a bit?
    Thanking in advance :)

    • Rebecca P. says:

      I would like to know this, too. Replying here so that I’ll be notified when someone responds!

      • steve says:

        Hi I am currently teaching in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I take home RM13,000 each month and live quite comfortably with a nice apartment, regular international holidays and a small car. Most things here are low cost except Alcohol which is amazingly expensive. It is a great safe place to live

  6. International teacher says:

    Currently teaching in the UAE but would like to move to Europe, with my family. Any suggestions as I know the packages are not as good as the UAE.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would say that most European International Schools don’t offer attractive packages. Certainly those in Germany do not.

      • steven fogarty says:

        Im currently in Germany, the thing to remember is that after tax and other contributions get deducted from you wages you are only left with 50 per cent of your salary. The rest will mostly go on housing and transport, which you most probably will have to pay yourself. The advantages are; good, high quality life style and strong labor laws in the employees favor, but your employer might not know about this. If you want to visit Europe, rent a tiny room or share, buy a small fuel efficient car and be prepared to leave with less money than you came with. If you dont you will find yourself at the center of a great interesting continent and not have the chance to see anything.

  7. In need of dinero! says:

    I’m now in Shenyang, China at Shenyang Pacific International Academy. I’m making $40,500 at step 6 with a masters. I have a nice, two BR apartment on campus, and it takes me only 3 minutes to walk from my apartment to my classroom. I’m given $50 per month for utilities. They provide 50% of my international health insurance, and they pay all the taxes for me. There are other contractually-guaranteed benefits that I haven’t received yet, so I won’t mention them here.There is really good saving’s potential. I could save virtually everything if I choose not to travel (which I won’t do, but that’s my choice!).

    WARNING: This SOUNDS great, but contracts are not honored. It’s now November 8, and I’m still waiting on my reimbursement for my flight here, my visa expenses, and my shipping. I may never get it. There are teachers who are still waiting on their flight reimbursement from last February. It’s not uncommon for it to take 8 months. At the end of the year, even if you have given the appropriate notice and have successfully completed your contract, the school doesn’t pay you until August…after you have already moved out of China. And then they simply don’t pay because you are already gone! There are several teachers who completed their two-year contracts, had given notice the December before that they would not renew their contracts, left in June at the end, and are still owed THOUSANDS of dollars between flight home, shipping, last month’s pay, and retirement. Last year teacher’s were regularly paid a week or two after the day they were supposed to be paid…quite. This year we have been paid on time so far.

    I’m now looking at Central and South America. Can anyone provide me with information on COSTA RICA (Lincoln, CRIA, Marian Baker, Country Day…), PANAMA (Balboa, ISP…), COLOMBIA (CoJoWa and others), or any other schools that will give me excellent savings potential? I’m looking to save $20k per year. I’m also interested in quality of life at CRIA, as it is a boarding school.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s understandable that you’re looking elsewhere, but if you were interested in staying in China, there are a few good Shanghai schools with good packages and no b.s. with pay/reimbursement. I’m at a school that pays about $42.5K, plus flight allowance, moving allowance, $20k/yr for housing, int. health, and other perks, and we definitely don’t have the best package in town. Schools like SAS and Concordia have packages that start in the mid-high $50k range with other benefits.

      • Barbara says:

        When I look online I NEVER see schools in China with these types of pay scales. Where should I be looking?

        • Anonymous says:

          As my previous message says above, Concordia and SAS both have really good packages. SCIS has been steadily increasing their packages the past two years to become more competitive. Search Associates would be your recruitment go-to, or you could just look up their job postings online. Other schools in China that are excellent package-wise are places like ISB Beijing and Western Academy of Beijing… tough schools to get into due to low turnover, though.

          • Anon says:

            I work at Marian Baker School and know several teachers in San Jose and the surrounding countries….You only get paid a little over 20k and all that money goes for living..Saving money in central america does not happen. Venezuela, Uruaguay, Brazil, and Peru do have posts where you can save in the 20k range.

  8. Charlotte says:

    I’m currently teaching in Abu Dhabi, and for my next role, I’d like to try and go for a really good financial and benefits package. Is Aramco the best? And what’s it like in Saudi, as you’re on a compound most of the time I imagine. Where are Aramco jobs advertised? Where else are the best packages? I’m just asking about the best money and benefits, not so much about the quality of lifestyle in a place.

    • Barbara says:

      Charlotte: Did you find any information about high paying schools? I could really use some insight into finding the better paying packages. I’m with you. Put me on a compound, but show me the money. Thanks in advance for any info yo can share.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can you give me some list of best school in Dubai open for expat.. My husband is working there as engineer. And I am looking for best school for me to teach and for my 3yr.old daughter to study. Any school that offer educational benefits for dependent/child. I have 2years experience in teaching in elementary.

  10. Jason Huber says:

    Does anyone know about the salary and benefits package at the International School of Panama? My wife and I (both teachers) are considering to relocate to the city or near, within a year or so.

    • Anonymous says:

      The package is ok. Starting salary for an experienced teacher is about $27-29k/yr. The housing allowance is $1200 for singles, plus $150 for dependents. Housing prices have increased and the allowance covers rent prices if you are lucky. There is a retention bonus of $6k/yr that is spread out over the year. They offer zero interest car loans. They great you with a cell phone and gift certificate to a local market. There is a $1k settling in allowance. (You’ll likely spend twice that!) HR is incredibly helpful upon arrival.

  11. Rana says:

    I just moved into Dubai and I have been wondering about the school payments for International schools there. What is an average payment there?

  12. Laura says:

    Hi there. Can you tell me why you made this comment?? Thanks.

  13. Lily says:

    Does anyone know about the package in the International School of Paris? Are the teacher required with French language certificate? thx.

    • Anonymous says:

      Teachers are not required to know French, but the school does offer avenues for learning the language. The pay is ok, but a family relying on the teachers salary is a stretch. The local economy is very expensive.

      • Anonymous says:

        You do not need a French language certificate. The package is poor. The salary scale is not great. They offer no housing or housing allowance and it is very expensive to live in Paris. You cannot support a family (or partner) on an ISP salary.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi all, anyone know or taught in Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB)? How is the package like?

    • Anonymous says:

      Singaporean school packages are low to middling (between 50-70,000 per month) and the working conditions aren’t very favourable.

  15. shadylane says:

    Not worked there but know some who do / did.
    Salary is +/- 3000 usd per month net depending on experience etc. Housing allowance is ok. School is rumoured to be moving next year into town, although this is supposed to be hush hush.
    It’s a for profit school owned and run by a local. Teachers have often found it quite frustrating.

  16. Amy Teague says:

    Does anyone know about the salary and benefits package at the International School of Prague??

  17. Pester Meat says:

    Is it normal practice for expatriates to get better packages than their local counterparts in international schools? Even in Western countries?

    • turtle says:

      Yes, unfortunately. It’s a rare school that doesn’t have this. In my experience, it’s always created a divide between locals and expat staff.

  18. Mickovich says:

    Mariana.. Thanks for the kudos… Look, there are many schools here that use IB (151 across Australia at present). As stated, the salaries don’t vary much in Australia.. top scale teacher would be 10 years+ experience (no extra for masters.. many aussie teachers have masters as a matter of course these days). Such a teacher would earn $82 000 – $100,000 AUD (about $77000-94000 USD). They are not ‘packages’ generally, though some private schools offer salary packaging (which can add a few thousand dollars after tax). Accommodation, however, is generally cheaper than cities on the “international circuit”. Sydney is expensive, Melbourne reasonably so but most other capital cities are reasonable. Regional centres (less than 100K populations) have much cheaper rent and the beaches in Australia are simply awesome… most coastal towns have a couple of outstanding surf beaches!!

    In Brisbane, some good IB schools include St Peters, Indooroopilly, and the Brisbane Academies (state government run IB schools): Toowong, Science and Technology Academy, Kelvin Grove, Creative Arts Academy, Gold Coast, Health Sciences Academy.

    Advertisements for jobs are on the Australian “SEEK” website (biggest one in Australia) or in the National Newspaper, “The Australian”. Australia has no discrimination by country (it is outlawed), however, overseas applicants may need a ‘457’ visa to justify that the job cannot be filled by a local. Still generally works since the IB is growing enormously in Australia and there simply aren’t enough Aussie IB trained/experienced teachers yet. Good luck!

  19. mickovich says:

    Possibly the best forum on the topic I’ve seen (wish I had one in 1998 when I started the circuit). Now some agreements:

    1. This forum is about the best and worst packages, so the most important variable is simply the potential to save.

    2. At present, this appears to be: Saudi (Aramco, still hands down), Schools in Bangkok (including ISB, Patana as mentioned), Nagoya International School), Singapore (Tanglin Trust, UWCSEA), Hong Kong (ESF, HKIS)

    3. Much depends on your COO. US rates may remain static, as many local currencies are tied to it. However, I am an Aussie and in 2002 I doubt that any here would have earnt anywhere near what I did for a top scale teacher (no leadership) at a certain well-known School system in HK with over 15 schools.. More than $220 000 USD in today’s terms AFTER tax. Serious. However, the exchange rate was $1AUD: 4 (averaged over 12 months in 2001-2002), Now the rate is $1AUD: 7.5. Having said that, we put 20% deposits on houses every two years whilst in Hong Kong. Times and rents, especially have changed, as have packages, so HK is no longer the world’s golden goose for teachers.

    4. The most experienced here talk about lifestyle and that is a more important factor. You can save 70% of the peak rates on this forum but live very comfortably as you never would back home, putting your kids into schools of the quality that, again, at home you could never afford to do.. what are these places.. It’s a bloody secret. No, ok, I’ll tell you:

    a) Thailand. Hot, Humid but bloody nice people, food you’ll get fat on and holidays awesome enough in the country you don’t need to fly overseas. Maids, tick, big townhouses, tick, cheap utilities, tick, Western Supermarkets/Food, tick!

    b) Anywhere in German-sepaking Europe. On borders you can pop over to even buy cheaper groceries, trains all over Europe for hols, Nice homes, stuff works, environment is civilised.

    c) Selected parts of Africa: Uganda, curiously not mentioned. International school of Uganda is a decent place with a lovely package and you can get a wonderful home, drivers, maids, cooks and live like Kings and Queens. Climate superb, Travel.. are you kidding me?? Excellent. Power is an issue, serious. However, it is better than it was and you can afford a Diesel generator for such occasions.

    d) Australia. Again, no one mentioned it but it can be insane here now with exchange rates and our high standard of living. Top scale teachers in Victoria and New South Wales in the government system is now touching $100 000 $AUD (close to $98 000 USD) and in QLD/SA/WA is about $80-88K AUD. Even in Central Business District of Brisbane, 100m2 flats can be as little as $1600 US. Growing number of IB Schools, students better behaved than Gulf States or the UK/Parts of the US. Schools across Australia don’t vary much in packages (maybe +/- 5% of those stated here). Now, if you want to travel?? It’s Australia. Some of the best parts of the planet all on a frickkin’ big island (the size of China!). Alpine skiing, Desert, Arguably best diving in the world, Uluru, Gorges, Rainforests, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart… all in the top 100 liveable cities for damn good reason. Yep. You could do a lot worse. :)

    • Mariana says:

      Hi Mickovich! Great post. I currently work at an IB school in Brazil. I would love to work in Australia, but haven’t seen any job postings (so far). I thought this could be due to internal hiring policies? Would you recommend schools in Australia that are offer good packages and are open to foreign hire?Thanks, Mariana.

    • Brent says:

      Hi Mickovich, can you give us a general idea of what the package at the International School of Uganda includes? We are especially interested in dependent tuition information, as we have 4 children.

    • Happycamper says:

      Mickovich, can you explain Nagoya International School comment. Do you mean to say the package is good? what are you basing this on?

  20. ben says:

    To sum-up…

    Tier One: (“Superb” salary/benefits packages, easily save over 25K/year) Saudi Aramco, Int. School Bangkok, Lahore American Int. School and maybe a dozen or so others.

    Tier Two: (“Good” salary/benefit packages, easily save over 15K/year) Escuela Campo Alegre and maybe 25 others?

    Tier Three: (“Okay” salary/benefit packages, easily save over 7K/year) 50-100 schools?

    Tier Four: (“Bad” salary/benefit packages, save under 5K/year) Over a hundred schools?

    Note: Though everyone would agree Saudi Aramco schools are at the VERY top of this list, nothing is more confusing than hearing a discussion on the topic of the benefits they offer. It’s crazy, like Aramco reps search the internet and delete comments regarding their salary/benefits. When one DOES find info on it, there is always an immediate rebuttal post by someone else who contradicts. Oh! The mystery that is Aramco! What is the truth?!?! So alluring!!!

    Anyway, I’d like to see where schools fall with regard to each of these tiers (above).

    • karlmersharl says:

      Your forgetting place like China where you take home 50k UK a year.

      • AQI Watcher says:

        I agree with your China comment. My wife and I banked 100K last year, we have a pretty decent lifestyle in Shanghai, and we travel every break.

        • Barbara says:

          Hello AQI… where are you in China and how did you get the job (recruiters???). anything I have been offered in China is at very low rates of pay and I am not sure the best way to find the best jobs. All advice will be greatly appreciated and thanks!

          • AQI Watcher says:

            Hi Barbara,
            No recruiters, I got my job through word of mouth, and perhaps I just got lucky. Top paying schools will not deal with recruiters, unless you are referring to ISS, Search or TIE online.

  21. Tumbi says:

    anyone know that the salary package is like at International School of Kenya?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can just email them and they will send the package info to you

    • Nzuri sana says:

      Not very high in the British school I was at. I didn’t save much at all. But it’s a fantastic lifestyle – so much to do at the weekends and holidays. I got a free furnished house and flights. I stayed for four years. I loved it. Security is a worry, but the schools take care of you.

    • goinginternational says:

      I am also considering ISK- have you been able to learn anything about the package and working conditions?

  22. expatlife says:

    To all of you asking for details on salaries, benefits, etc. Join Search or ISS and you can get all the access you want to these details!

    • Beth says:

      Search has removed the salary from their listings. They are waiting for schools to update them on their end. It might be a while….

    • Happycamper says:

      I do not trust Search. The info is not current and I know of several “misrepresentations”. Ask someone who works there. Ring the school and ask of the person on staff you would be replacing.

  23. Adventureteacher says:

    Has anyone heard anything about the International School of Turin, in Italy? I’m considering accepting a job in their PYP grades. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      I worked at ist for 1 year. The pay was relatively low and rents were high. No extras except for settling in allowance (1000 euro) and flights on end of contract. I’m now in china and saving more money than I was making in Turin.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can any one advise me of the packages being offered in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Any schools that do not honour and the ones to work for

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have any information on the International School of Brussels? Pay/benefits/tuition (for children)?

  26. Pinoy says:

    Can anyone tell me the packages at Regents International School in Bangkok

  27. We removed your comments because they are not consistent with the thread of the blog. We invite you to post this question to our Forum where you should get some good response.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Ben @ ISR


  28. hunnicub says:

    What do people know about schools in Taiwan? Are there schools to stay away from there?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone worked at the International School of Durango, Mexico? Any ideas about their package? Quality?

    • Rebecca P. says:

      I’m not sure if you mean the American School of Durango (there is no school there called “International School of Durango”), but I worked there for two years, 2010-2012. I have a masters and made $15,500 USD. (I believe it’s a little higher now.) 30% was converted to pesos and paid twice per month. The other 70% was paid in dollars and direct deposited monthly to my account in the US…tax free! They also provided furnished housing (when I moved in, there was food in the refrigerator!), transportation at the beginning and end of the contract, 1000USD resigning bonus (which I didn’t get because I left at the end of my contract), and a few other benefits. I was able to live well on the 30%, allowing me to save almost all of the 70%, and I traveled A LOT. I managed to pay off my entire masters in the two years I was teaching there. It was a good first international teaching job, and the quality of life there is excellent, but I’m looking to make a lot more money, so I’m looking into China. The salaries there are easily triple what you can make in Mexico, and they have all the same benefits, plus some.

      • Amy says:

        Rebecca not trying at all to discourage but some thoughts on China. We currently live in southwest China and have for almost 6 years. My husband teaches at an International school here. Yes they do pay more, but be aware that the cost of living has increased dramatically and we are never able to save anything. In fact I usually feel like we are paying to teach here because we have to dip into our savings anytime anything extra comes up. Also because the health care is so poor you need to make sure you have the extra funds to travel to Thailand, Hong Kong, or back to your home country should any health issues come up. Obviously is doable to be here but if they tell you you will get rich don’t believe them. Just an example of the cost of living- we are paying at least $8 a gallon for milk and a lot of times more. Good luck.

        • Rebecca P. says:

          Hi Amy,

          I just saw your reply. Thanks for the warning…although I already signed with Shenyang International Pacific Academy! $42,500USD per year, plus furnished housing on campus (it’s a boarding school), one round-trip ticket home each year, $1500USD shipping allowance each way, and a few other things that I can’t quite remember. The savings potential is supposed to be $25,000USD per year. I start August 1, and it’s a two year contract. I’m looking forward to it, and we’ll see how it goes…luckily I don’t drink much milk. ;)

        • Hi, I work at an international school in Beijing and am saving the majority of my salary. It all depends on: A – the package, and B – your lifestyle. I lucked out with a good package: excellent healthcare and dental, housing near work, etc. We are DINKs so it’s easier to save, but we also eat a lot of Chinese food, or often dine at home.

          Rebecca, best of luck to you with your new contract!

  30. Culture creature says:

    Does anyone know of schools which will provide schooling for 3 offspring in Bangkok? I desperately want to live and work there but doubt if I could pay the school fees!

  31. new direction says:

    Are you replying to my Prague schools posting? Happy to email, but unsure how to personal message on this site to get your email. Looking at International schools in Prague.

  32. Claire MOYNIHAN says:

    Hi all. I am wondering does anyone know what it is like to live in Chongqing in southeast China. YCIS in Chongqing has a good package but I am wondering what life is like there? I’ve been in Dubai 3 years and haven’t saved much so I am looking for the best saving opportunity.

    • new direction says:

      My family worked with YCIS in Shanghai and the package was really good. From what I hear Chongqing has everything you will need, but the pollution is the big issue you will face with China.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your response, I am unsure how to set up a new thread? That is good to know. I had never heard of Chongqing I must admit :)

        • Anonymous says:

          The pollution in China is a deal breaker if anyone in family has health issues. I am leaving mid year as are many of my colleagues and the pollution is a large part of the reason. It has gotten significantly worse in last two years. I’d also highly recommend you not bring any dogs (see my other post on pet thread)

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you kidding me YCIS! The packages are the worst in China if you have a trailing spouse and children they don’t get health benefits and it is expensive. They work there teachers to the bone and they have to work longer school year then any other international schools in Shanghai. Teachers always lose there prep time. One more thing! The pay is the worst to paying the teachers between 10 to 15 thousand a year less then all the other schools and the benefits the worst. They will pay your way there but you have to pay your way home at the end of you contract.. So maybe you should rethink before you come to work for YCIS….

  33. new direction says:

    We are looking at International schools in Prague. International School Prague / Riverside etc. What are packages and accommodation like? Apartment? Houses? Saving? Taxes? Lifestyles?

  34. McQwaid says:

    What does anyone know about British Columbia International School Bangkok BCISB in Bangkok? I have an offer but I’m not sure what to do.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a school in Chile with a good package.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard Nidos de Aquilas is very good. both people and the package. Hope this helps

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a family with 2 teenagers. How much money can we save at the International School Nido de Aguilas? What does their package look like?

        • Anonymous says:

          Good package and great community, but pollution is a problem. We have one kid and save about 45,000 a year. Housing prices have doubled since we’ve been here.

        • anonymous says:

          A year after the last response, I know, but currently the potential for savings is almost none. The cost of living has skyrocketed in Santiago and isn’t getting better any time soon. We have two children and aren’t saving a dime.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no schools that have good packages here except Nido but be prepared the quality of international education is lower than other countries eg. in Asia, or Europe. But is by far the best bet in this country.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what the package is like at Jakarta International Multicultural School?

  37. Does anyone know what the British School of Amsterdam package is like?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yep, the more I am reading online, the figures they provided me with are on the low end and actually match what a local hire can make there. I am disappointed.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am curious about the salary package and housing stipend/accomodation options if employed as a teacher at Bangkok Patana School. ANy info would be great thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am interested if the information provided on their website is still accurate. They emailed me today and told me the salary for the position I applied for but didn’t elaborate much. Did you get contacted, too?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes I have been contacted but I am confused as their initial offer seems a bit low for such a prestigious international school, especially after reading what some comparable Thai schools pay their educators. Maybe the position I am being interviewed for is part time or an assistant teacher? It is either that or they’re low-balling me with their initial offer. They did not elaborate on too much, but they did send an attachment outlining the job duties in detail which was nice.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have any information on Hanova International School in X’ian, China? I am applying to this school and will will speaking to the director next week March 8, 2013. Martin Hughes is the director of the school. I currently teach in China.

    Quick responses will be appreciated.

    Thanks for your help.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hi, anyone got any recent information about Sekolah Global Indo Asia, Batam, Indonesia? Salary/package information ? How does this school compare to others?

    Thanks in advance.

  42. MrsLeigh says:

    Hi, anyone got any recent information about Regent International School Bangkok? Salary/package information is pretty sketchy. Know that Bangkok is cheap but how does Regents compare to others? Thanks

  43. ontheroadagain says:

    Hi Guys,

    anyone about the packages at Paris International School and Nice International School (France)? Thanks!

  44. Ines says:

    I would like to know about salary and conditions at UNIS New York,please!

  45. Still hoping says:

    Delleda International school Genoa — any info at all? It is public so I assume the pay is low, but are there other perks?

  46. Andrew says:

    Anyone know about United Nations School New York?

  47. Molly Burke Kirova says:

    Curious about AIS schools in Georgia, Zagreb, Ostrava? I don’t need to live high on the hog, but definitely need to be able to save.

    • A.Anderson says:

      Ostrava, Czech Republic can offer up to 70,000 Czech crowns (before tax of 15%) per year for a British trained teacher at: PORG.
      The International school of Ostrava about 50-60,000.
      I believe salaries in Prague are higher.

  48. sydney says:

    Does any one have information regarding Abu Dhabi? The ministry is bringing in expat teachers for the public school system. Anybody been there,
    done that?

    • Anonymous says:

      I would strongly advise against accepting any offers for public schools in the UAE. The package is not the same as private schools and the behaviour of the children is horrible. DO NOT DO IT!

  49. Pad Don says:

    Anyone got an idea of the package at British International School, Vietnam? Or even better, at the British Vietnam International School? Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Between 30-45k (1-15 years experience) so I have heard. A mate applied a couple of years ago. Plus housing, healthcare and annual flights on top of that

  50. JoyDenz says:

    Boarding and residential facilities are very important to support students at all the levels .

  51. internationalteacher says:

    Worst housing package ever. It has to be International School of Ulaanbaatar. I worked there for 2 years and left after last school year to a better package and SUPERIOR HOUSING. The housing provided by the International school of Ulaanbaatar is downright awful and disgusting. You live with Mongolians in an apartment housing complex that is subsidized housing for Mongolians.The NOISE is constant and the hot water is not constant. You are lucky to have hot water in the winter. Staff wanted to move out of the housing but the housing stipend was so low that no one could move out so they all just left after 2 years. If you are worried about bad housing do not come to Mongolia. You will not be very happy with the housing.Mongolians do not sleep regular hours either so they can be up all night drilling or running around or doing something loud until 3or4am. It was the hardest part of living there not sleeping at night for 2 years. Be careful if you are considering coming to ISU and be aware that you will have below average housing and if you want to save money you can not move out because regular subsidized housing apartment complex’s are very expensive. Worst housing I have ever experienced and I have lived in numerous 3rd world countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Nothing has been as bad as ISU housing was.

    • sg says:

      how interesting! some teachers in UB think of ISU as the gold standard here… ;) anyways, there are many nice apartments available in Ulaanbaatar and they vary quite a lot in price. it helps to have a local friend do the negotiating. (tho it is true, you may have neighbors up singing to all hours of the night once in a while… ;)

    • luna says:

      There is worse. Newton College, Lima, Peru – no housing money whatsoever, and the landlords scam you off your 2-month-rent deposit. So, subtract USD14,000 from the annual salary right away.

      • anonymous says:

        Hi Luna, does Newton accept teachers with trailing spouses? I don’t mind taking a very low salary, but some schools will not even consider teachers with non-teaching dependents. What’s Newton’s policy?

        • luna says:

          Newton does accept teachers with trailing spouses. However, it does not offer any assistance in finding employment for the spouse. Officially, the spouse receives the right to work, but practically it is very difficult. You said, you don’t mind a very low salary, think a very low salary and supporting two (or more) people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to hear this. Working at ASU was quite a different experience. The housing was decent and if we ever had any problems with water or electricity the school immediately got on it. Also, out in Zaisan the air is better in the winter. It must be difficult in the city. I had a completely different experience.

  52. movieturtle says:

    Anyone know anything about Tashkent International School or Uzbekistan? Thanks

  53. mpowell7 says:

    Hi there,
    I’m considering applying to American International School a nd Hong Kong International School. I can’t seem to find the payscale for either school or their benefit packages. Any ideas?

    • The Joneses says:

      HKIS is roughly 50K/year if you have a Masters and about 7 years of experience. They have a merit pay system for raises that is a bit complicated and time consuming. Good housing stipend in one of the most expensive cities in the world. AIS pays less.

      • Anonymous says:

        AIS Hong Kong’s salary is locally-based between HKD 35-37,000+…. Housing allowance of HKD 5,000 not enough to pay a modest apartment. Airfare only for teacher and not your dependents, no moving allowance, minimal PD (300-500 USD), medical insurance is co-pay. HKIS has better package.

        • shadylane says:

          Most of the ESF schools have better packages still. In USD their basic package is 60 to 90k as a classroom teacher. You also get a housing allowance etc. You pay 10% tax but then get it back later as an end of contract bonus. They also hire people based on their ability to teach rather than their faith.

  54. movieturtle says:

    I am looking at Saigon South International School. Does anyone have any information about the school and package? Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Saigon South has the reputation of being a good school. There has been changes in management recently and some staff haven’t had contracts renewed. Whether this is good or bad, I don’t know.

      However, if you post your question of the forum you are likely to get replies from someone with insider knowledge.

      • Mrk says:

        Saigon South is an amazing school. Benefits are great, including the PD’s. one can live comfortably even with a single’s salary. The school is located in a very nice area. Housing is paid for and medical insurance is great. Yearly travel allowance is flexible and the kids are awesome.

  55. tangoart says:

    I read through all of the posts and did not find information on packages in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experiencing rich culture, dancing, art, and music is important to me but saving is probably my biggest concern. This will be my first international experience after teaching for 11 years with two MAs. If you care to share about any country in South America that you think have great dancing, music, and opportunity for doing art, along with a good SA package, that is a safe place to live for a single woman, I would love to hear from you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try Nido in Chile or Graded in Sao Paolo. There are not many great schools (if any) but if you are looking for a nice lifestyle and money is not your priority then then SA is the way to go.

    • Anonymous says:

      Argentina is a very difficult country to live in at the moment as an expat. It is expensive to buy clothes or imported goods (such as electronics), and one big thing that has really changed in the last year or so is the ability to convert pesos to dollars. There are many restrictions right now and unless you go to the black market or exchange with visiting friends there is little to no chance on getting any foreign currency. Flights are also expensive and about to get even more so if the rumours that the president will put a surcharge onto international airfare is correct. The economy is very unstable at the moment and unless you can get a contract that offers either dollars or pounds sterling as part of your package I would think twice about signing here. Of course, if you are looking for a very cool and vibrant city with lots of opportunity to indulge and participate in the arts Buenos Aires is fantastic. It is beautiful and, although the portenos are very different to the typical South American Latino, the people are friendly and welcoming.

  56. Becky Smith says:

    Hi does anyone know about the Gems Wellington school in Dubai? I am a single NQT and have an interview but am not really sure weather I’d definately want to take the plunge.

  57. Papillon says:

    I am currently at the Cebu International School in Cebu, Philippines. The package here is terrible! I knew it wasn’t a great package before I came, but I had been led to believe that one could live on the salary here because of a low cost of living. It is possible, but with NO savings! Foreigners are required to pay Filipino taxes at 33%, and there are numerous other deductions that you only find out about after you arrive. For my first mid-month pay, I received about $200 after taxes and deductions, and that was after being at work for an entire month (the 2 week orientation is unpaid). Electricity and rent are very expensive in Cebu, and grocery prices are similar to those in the western world. This package does include annual flights home for employees, and beginning and end-of-contract flights for dependents. International health insurance is only paid for by the school for the employee(s); if you have dependents, you must pay for them yourself.

    • bill says:

      What is the starting base salary? Don’t they also provide lots of untaxed benefits which make up the bulk of your compensation? Are you paying 33% on all your income? I don’t believe that teachers paid that previously? Is this a new issue?

      • Anonymous says:

        The base pay is about $1000 U.S. and then foreign hires get a”overseas living allowance” which is similar. All of this is taxed at 33%, as is the housing allowance.There are no untaxed benefits…I have heard that there are such benefits at one on the schools in Manila, but not here. :(

  58. nathan says:

    Can anyone share their experiences at the International School of Luanda? It seems to have a pretty good salary and benefits package, but will the cost of living there prevent me from saving money?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, the package is excellent and you can save the majority of your wages despite the high cost of living as the school provides almost everything. they pay your TV, rent, water, electricity and they also pay your local taxes.

      • Rob says:

        What about crime and general quality of life in Luanda? Can you get out on the weekend to see the country? What about diseases? Basically, does the pay package make up for the difficult living conditions?

        • lifelong int. teacher says:

          Living conditions are far from difficult. Housing is excellent, and includes swimming pool and gym in most complexes. School even pays for a maid.Crime is less than in most other parts of Africa and nothing to worry about, though you should not walk around swinging your ipad or walk downtown at night.. You can now travel almost anywhere and school provides vehicles and fuel. Lovely countryside and great beaches. There is a bit of malaria but it is otherwise a healthy, unpolluted environment where the school is situated. Healthcare in Luanda is minimal. Downside-Luanda is culturally very boring, especially if you don’t speak Potuguese although there is a fine 8 secreen cinema and many good restaurants. School looks after you well and you can save plenty if you choose. Sometimes there are unusual visa problems out of the school’s control…….

  59. Alankrit says:

    I am contemplating a position in the American International School At Chennai as Director of Business Affairs as a local hire, what are the pay scales for the same.

    • happy traveller says:

      Most international teachers do not know local pay scales. I taught there as an International teacher and saw local teacher pay scales. Big difference as locals get much less. In the business affairs sector I do not know.

      What I can say is that the local hire non-teaching staff there are terrific to work with and all very nice people. The school is emerging from a dark era of leadership under their former head of school. They got a new head of school last year so things should get better.

      If you are internationally qualified and not an Indian citizen don’t allow them to hire you as a local hire. I think it is unfair that they do that to some teachers too.

      Ask them about the salary. I think they will tell you. Good luck.

  60. InterEdTony says:

    There is little competition around in Togo so I would imagine the salary package is not too great… You can get some decent packages in Nigeria but you risk working for some real sharks. I enjoyed it there but would suggest some serious research before signing any contracts!

  61. Lou says:

    Thinking about a move to Togo. BSL. Does anyone have any info about the package on offer?


  62. yers says:

    Hi Guys,

    May I ask any of you to give me information regarding Jakarta International School (JIS)? How is it living in Jakarta? I know its a third world country, but I am unsure of the specifics.


    • Pokerface says:

      Jakarta is very polluted and the traffic is indescribably bad.Getting from one place to another can be twice the time it would take anywhere else.Having said that…JIS has a wonderful campus…Indonesian kids are fantastic and travel opportunities in Indonesia are endlessly rewarding.

      • yers says:

        Is the package good enough? Like housing, salary etc

        • Hallier says:

          The package is very good. Quality housing is provided. It is all taken care of. Your pay depends on experience and qualifications (a teacher with an MA plus 30 gets more than one with just an MA etc). A teacher with 8 years experience and a Masters starting at JIS will start on about 53k. This will rise about 4% a year. A prudent single could easily save 30k+. You also get retirement of 10% on top of that.

          But Jakarta is not the easiest city to live in. The main issue is the traffic, which makes it hard to get around the city. Many of the single females also find the dating situation to be frustrating.

    • a says:

      If you consider Indonesia “third-world” then it probably isn’t for you. The package is the whole experience not just the $

  63. dlsu says:

    i want to ask about the British international school manila (not Brent) is that also a good school? what about the pay? what about the housing? where is usually their housing pool? is it a better pay than International School Manila?

    • ScottG says:

      Salary and Housing: Depends if you are hired as an “expat” or a “local hire.” Expats (pardon the slang term) have housing allowances but is expected to live in condos/apartments chosen by the school on their first year of teaching. IS Manila is still better in terms of Salary and benefits.

  64. Curlz says:

    Anyone got experience of working at Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok? How does it compare with other schools in the region? Is the salary and benefits package reasonable for the area?

    • Anonymous says:

      Reviews on this site are TERRIBLE for Bromsgrove but they are only up till 2008.. Under new leadership so could be better now?? Package is very generous but with all the recent hardship and turnover in teachers it seems fair:) It is a small fish in big pond. Many better schools to consider and some people do not like the location as it is not in center of bangkok (although to others this is a positive)

  65. Anonymous says:

    Any ideas on the Salary (someone with 9 yrs experience) + Benefits package for Taejon Christian International School? Also, any info about the city itself would be extremely helpful…

    • Anonymous says:

      The TCIS pay scale is at or slightly above average for international schools in Korea. We found we could easily save 30% of our combined salaries as a couple. The community truly had a Christ centered feel (the name is not just for marketing). The school has been struggling to get a new campus built, but when complete it should be a great place to teach physically as the facilities were the only real drawback for us. Housing is provided and is fantastic…though you will likely be a ways away as the new campus is some distance from housing.

    • The Joneses says:

      TCIS pays considerably less than the most extablished Christian school, Seoul Foreign School. SFS probably has the best package in Korea, followed by: Chadwick International School, Seoul International School, Korea International School, Yongsan International School.

      • Anonymous says:

        TCIS and GSIS both salaries are not as high as SFS, but the housing and other benefits are fantastic, better than most in Korea. You are paid 1/2 US Dollar 1/2 Korean Won. We lived on Korean Won salary alone, including vacations and travel, and saved 100% of our US Salary.

  66. Hochiminh? says:

    Can anyone share their knowledge of, or experience in working in Ho Chi Minh City? Particularly, the American International School there. I am considering a position there at present but would like to know how people fare with the package and life in Saigon. I’m experienced in Asia, have been to Vietnam travelling. Your expertise appreciated!

    • Darren says:

      I am considering taking a job there too.. did you end up taking the position?

    • BB says:

      None of the American schools in Saigon have very good reputations. I’d be wary of working at any of them. Lot’s of negative reviews and rumours sweep through the international teaching community here about them from time to time.

      That said your money goes quite far living here. I live a very comfortable life with a maid, eating out all of the time, easily save money and could save a lot more if I tried. The city itself is great for dinning out, but that’s about it. Vietnam is great to travel in, but I’m not so convinced it’s a great place for living in. Lot’s of frustrations, as you would encounter in any developing countries.

      I like my lifestyle here, but I don’t love living here and had I travelled to Saigon before I moved here I doubt I would have taken the job.

      • McQwaid says:

        I know of a troubled and questionable colleague who up and ran from his last job without any notice and immediately took up post at this school. I don’t think they do background checks on new teachers because this person would never have made it in otherwise.

        This is problematic for us teachers because working with difficult and troubled colleagues makes our jobs unnecessarily difficult. I feel so sorry for the next group of teachers who unknowingly had to deal with this person.

      • shadylane says:

        SSIS is a great US curriculum school. The rest are dreadful and to be avoided.

  67. oldasiahand says:

    JUST ENJOY IT ALL! There is no such thing as the BEST package. It all depends on what your priorities are. I really like life in southeast asia and have been in three schools in this area and have saved quite a bit. Some people come here and complain about the lack of green public spaces, difficulty walking, pollution, horrendous traffic, difficulty finding “suitable” western male companionship, blah blah. I laugh when people say that their school has the “best package in the world” when things change every year to tip the balance in favor of one or another. If you simply want to save a lot of cash, go to Aramco but usually there is a reason why the pay is so high (difficult schedule, compound type of lifestyle, etc), it all depends. You can also go to other schools in saudi and save very little, or you can have a blast skiing in Switzerland (which would be a nightmare for me as i hate cold weather and the overly serious Europeans). Asia has been rising in the last few years but there are many schools in Asia that have very poor packages too. WHO KNOWS! Maybe China’s economy goes into recession following dwindling demand for their goods from depressed western economies, etc. Just chill people, do your research on the school you are considering to see how much you will be SAVING, not what the package is, and what lifestyle you will be having. You can live like a king or queen on 20,000$ a year in some places and starve on 50,000 in others!

  68. Starry says:

    I should add that they have little or few resources either. I left last summer and I hear it is still bad.
    On the plus side, apply to schools in large cities such as Munich or Berlin as they tend to ioffer quite good packages.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody have any information on the American School of Madrid? Teaching? Living? Travel? Packages? Etc…

  70. RussiaGuy says:

    I would love to hear any information on experiences living in Paris and working at the American School of Paris. I know how expensive it is to live in this great city.

    • anon says:

      I hear their principal is one of the best in the business. I don’t think people go there to save money. Be happy just to break even.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, the principal is the best. I have lived around the world for the last 12 years, and the admin is great. Lucky to break even, but it is Paris.

  71. Mr W. says:

    Join Search Associates and you can find research the packages of recruiting schools yourself. Oh and Luanda International School in Angola has one of if not THE best package in the world.

  72. chalo1972 says:

    Does anybody have information about Dipont Schools in China. I was offered an interview with them. Thanks ahead for sharing any information!

    • Experienced says:

      I interviewed with Dipont twice and was offered a position. Our discussion fell apart when they began to discuss the package. Their offer was $10k usd under the advertised range. The rest of the package was weak and school support poor.

      They wanted to put clauses in the contract regarding work hours and class sizes that I found unacceptable.

      In my final discussion they tried to suggest that there contract reflected an “industry norm”. Industry is the right word because Dipont is nothing but a middle man pulling a profit out of the desire of Chinese schools to buy Western brand names.

      Dipont and I went our separate ways and they continue to advertise on TIE for victims.

  73. Anonymous says:

    AIS Lagos.

    15 years experience with a masters plus 20 = USD86,000 per year; x 2 for a couple. You do the math and ask yourself where is there a better package.

    • Anonymous says:

      Couple can easily save $100,000 on the salary above, Have a cook, share a driver or have one of their own and travel a lot. Yes things are a little more expensive but its so minor in the scheme of things. (ie…School year 2009-2010)

      • Nike says:

        In answer to your question: Shanghai. There are schools where you can make a little more, and yes couples save over 100K.

  74. rumour5182 says:

    Does anyone have information about the International School of Krakow? I’m interviewing for a position there, and I’ve done a lot of research about the school, but I’m curious to hear from people who have experienced the city or the school and who can share their perspectives. Thanks!

    • Trojan says:

      I don’t know anything about the school, but Krakow is a great town. A big university town, so it has that youthful vibe. One of the few Polish cities to survive WWII pretty intact, so it has an amzaing (and huge) main square (rynek). I have had a couple friends live there for many years (with and without kids) and they all adored living there.

      • rumour5182 says:

        Thanks for the info! We’re really excited about the city — it sounds like it has a lot to offer us (young couple with no kids), and it’s so close to the rest of Europe that we can explore and get that experience without the Western Europe prices.
        Thanks again!

  75. wanttobeaninternationaleducator says:

    Does anyone have any information of NICS (network of international christian schools), program and packages? It seems to state that one has to be a church going christian. Also, does one have to do missionary work to be there?

    • guangzhou teacer says:

      These schools ask for pastoral referrees (hence, you would need to be attending church!!). Not sure about the missionary work.

      Why don’t you post these questions on the ISR forum? A better forum than this one.

  76. Sally says:

    Does anyone have any current information on the benefits, salary and conditions at Robert College in Istanbul? Would it be possible for two people to live modestly (but comfortably) on one salary?
    Is it legal for an American spouse – non teaching – to work in Istanbul?

    • Nibac says:

      1. I dont work at Robert College, but I do work at a private university in Istanbul.
      2. My husband and I are able to live modestly comfortable on one salary. (Even though I don’t receive any kind of housing stipend or assistance, we still manage to live 4 minutes from Taksim AND save ~35% every month on one salary)
      3. My American spouse is an artist, and he has a residency permit (i.e., it’s perfectly legal for “an American spouse – non teaching – to work in Istanbul”).
      Hope this helps!

  77. Silvia Schneirov says:

    Does anyone have information on salary and benefit package of the IB School of Panama ? Would they hire a 63 year old? I would be alone there so they would not have to pay for dependents.

    • Rob says:

      Salary about 30K US Dollars a year. Probably have a tough time finding a job anywhere at an International school at age 63. I know you don’t want to hear that, but that’s the reality. Most schools can’t hire you by law after age 60 because of work Visas. I work in China and mandatory retirement is age 60.

    • happy traveller says:

      While age can make it difficult to find an international teaching position it is not impossible. Some schools in undesirable locations will hire older teachers. Don’t give up–keep searching.
      I do find Turkey very expensive to live in as a function of salary and medical care is not cheap there. If you are not wanting to save money you would do ok in Turkey.

      • Weebil says:

        Actually, China does’t have an age restriction for Visas for Foreign Experts. Also, some schools in undesirable locations employ mainly young inexperienced teachers that can rip-off. Any school that employs teachers without at least 2 years in their own national system is a school worth avoiding.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not true! China is imposing a 65 limit to issuing visas to expat teachers.

          • Anonymous says:

            You may both be correct. I am teaching in China right now and I currently work with a friend who is 67. However, he was teaching at a university until he was dismissed ON his 65th birthday. It may be that for certain positions, expats cannot get the visa after 65 but for others that population is still employable.

  78. Wiseteach says:

    Anybody have some experience working for MEF in Istanbul? How is the housing if one takes the small apartments on the grounds? I have a dog as well. I am a first timer with International teaching and am wondering about this pkg. Have a Skype interview next week so would appreciate ANY comments. Thanks.

  79. What’s the Salary for St Joseph’s International Int. School in Singapore like? how much is the housing allowance. Amounts net (ie what you get paid into your bank account would be great)

  80. Roundtrip says:

    Can anyone comment on the salary and other details at the American International School in Cairo?

    • petunia says:

      said to be the best in Cairo, in terms of package and situation at the school it has always seemed very well run to me on the outside. Looking at what other schools in Cairo are offering, the package is the best I’ve seen- furnished housing, yearly airfare, tuition for kids {though I don’t know if there’s a limit of how many} vision insurance, professional development of 1200 a year. Someone who is there needs to give their perspective, I’m only talking figures on paper here, but they look good.

      • Caribbean chica says:

        I Think your confusing Cairo American College CAC with American International School in Cairo AIS. They are both two completely different schools with the former of course being the best. Petunia your right about the what CAC offers but Roundtrip the school you are talking about is by no means CAC. do your research. Iv’e worked in CAIRO for two years. Best of Luck. I had two great years. :-)

  81. Anonymous says:

    I have a SKYPE interview for UWCSEA on Monday.
    I am very interested in the school and Singapore but was wondering how much approximately the salary is likely to be and whether I will be able to save money. I have a mortgage back home which I may need to cover. I am in my sixth year of teaching.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’d make approx 7,200 SGD + 3,000 Housing which is adjusted to refelct the varying rates.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about the benefits? Thank you.

      • silverminx says:

        Question for Singapore salary.

        7200, is that per month and is there tax to pay on that?

        • Anonymous says:

          Its per month and taxed. Once you get the job they highlight your tax deductions pay and conditions. Every year you receive around 20% gratuity. They are very helpful and link you straight away with someone from your dept that you can ask any questions. In March they”ll send out further info about your move. I didnt go with any outside expensives apart from my children. I’m not looking to save just to enjoy the experience as it’s a great oppurtunity for us and to travel.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just remember although the monthly salary seems great you will be paying easily 3000*+ per month for a decent apartment and EVERYTHING is crazy expensive there. If you have two salaries at that you can live very very comfortably in Singers. We did it on 1 and half salary and two little kids but saved nothing and didn`t travel much and never ate out a expat places as prices are nuts.

          • Anonymous says:

            Ive been offered a salary of SGD11,000 is that doable with 2 kids

            • Blackie says:

              I work at an International in Singapore. I take home 8.5k including housing and leadership – I do get a nice end of year bonus plus flights as well, I’m at the top of our ladder, but it’s significantly lower than your 11k. I have a non-working spouse and 1 child. I save about 40%, travel regularly, eat out regularly. Rent is expensive, but you can choose to live the high life and rent in expensive condo’s or rent a local apartment, for about half the price… join a private club and use their amenities instead. I’ve been here over 12 years and can never understand the need to be in a fancy condo… There are PLENTY of really lovely, cheaper HDB’s which significantly impact on your ability to save. Loving it still! I won’t be changing schools anytime soon! If you can’t have a great life with that money, there is something very wrong… come and enjoy!

      • Anon says:

        Hi, can you tell me is there medical insurance? is that part of the benefit package? and what about an education allowance? will they educate your kids for free?

  82. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking of teaching english in Singapore and I wanted to know which is best: to teach in an IS or a public school. I will be traveling with two toddlers. Would housing, and schooling (for the toddlers) be supplied. And is it hard to get a teaching job in a university in Singapore. I have B.As in Philosophy and Mathematics and a Masters in Education.

    • Anonymous says:

      Replying to the person thinking of teaching in Singapore. Try United World College. It is a fabulous school and great package. I taught there for a bit. Don`t know about the Universities in Singapore but if you have kids you want to work at a school as they likely won`t pay for you to educate your kids in a way you will like. I would avoid the ministry of ed schools as they are competitive and very teacher centered. Unless of course, you are a math teacher and are a fan of the very popular Singapore Maths which is gaining massive worldwide cred. and probably would be cool to learn from the pros. Esp. if you like BIG classes sizes (30++)

  83. Patricia says:

    Just to warn people about the lack of benefits in CIS, Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was a shock to discover there is no sick pay for the first year of a 2 year contract. So anyone who is ill or has a day off has a day’s pay deducted from their monthly salary and it’s not 1/30 but 1/20 as there are usually 20 working days in the month. Am very unhappy about this situation as the contract says that “appropriate” sick pay will be paid and you do not find out that “appropriate” means none until you arrive and one of you gets ill! If you are hospitalised then there is a teachers’ insurance scheme which kicks in but most sick leave is not this serious.

  84. Gus says:

    Does anybody know anything about the Quality Schools International benefits or the school in Bosnia, Slovenia or Albania?
    Salary, or any other benefits?

    • QSI teacher says:

      QSI benefits are the same at all the schools: 10 days of sick leave, housing paid, the school pays electricity beyond $1000 a year, tuition for up to 4 kids, airfare home for you and spouse (if teaching) and up to 4 dependents each year. Salary starts at 24,000 and tops out at 40something. $2000 a year resigning bonus. Shipping is bad — $500 at the start and end of each contract for you and your teaching spouse.

      As for Bosnia, Slovenia and Albania you can forget those places if you’ve just started with QSI! All European positions go to QSI employees who have served their time in China or Kazakstan and are transferring out. Just about everyone starts in China or Kaz.

  85. Anonymous says:

    How much approx is housing allowance in Kuala Lumpur (International School Kuala Lumpur) for single person with no dependents? What is realistic cost of housing to live within walking or short public transportation from the school? Also, what does it mean when it says 10% tax allowance as a benefit? Does this mean those schools will pay that govt. 10% of salary tax owed and you pay the difference?

    • Anonymous says:

      My friend lives in KL and pays 3000 RMB per month for a two bedroom flat. I don’t know about the tax questions – sorry!

  86. Baldrick says:

    Anyone know about English Modern School in Doha, Qatar?

    • longbeach says:

      I’ve been wondering this too. The email on the info sheet I had bounced back to me. I emailed them via their website and never heard back from them. Seems disorganized if you’re recruiting people and you put the wrong email address.

  87. BK says:

    Anyone have any information regarding the Anglo-American School in Moscow? According to their website and job listings the package seems pretty good, but I am more concerned about the provided housing accommodations and what life is like in Moscow. Thanks.

    • RussiaGuy says:

      The package is definitely nice at AAS. I am in my second year and have signed on for a third. Moscow is definitely expensive and the traffic can be horrendous. The housing is included in the package and is spacious. When I was hired, there was a slideshow of the apartments on the AAS website.

  88. Robin says:

    Can anyone share their knowledge on the benefit package for Inter-American Academy in Guayaquil, Ecuador? Any other experiences, good or bad at that school?

  89. TaxProblems says:

    My salary at my current school is modest but comes with a housing allowance and the package is supposed to be tax-free. At my hiring interview it was explained to me that my salary was ”net” and that the school would take care of all the tax obligations.

    But last school year staff discovered that taxes are not being paid on our salaries. Instead the school maintains two sets of books. The official set of books fraudulently claims that a teacher salary is only 20,000 Php a month (about $450). The school pays income tax on this amount. In reality most teachers here are earning about $2,000 a month.

    This was discovered when one of the teachers checked the records at city hall.

    The worry among the teaching staff is that eventually the government tax people are going to find us individually liable for a huge tax bill.

    The English principal who hired me (John Boakes) was a party to this fraud, but I can no longer point my finger at him because he was fired last August.

    We are left with a Korean Chairman/Director (Mr Lee) who doesn’t speak English and treats all the Filipino and Western staff like dirt.

    A teacher who complained about the lack of tax payments (and other things) was jailed for a week on a trumped-up charge of liable. He didn’t return.

    And I won’t either. I’ll seek another position this hiring season. Obviously I will be seeking a package that doesn’t endanger me legally.

  90. I work in Kuwait, it’s not the most wonderful place on Earth, it’s limited in terms of what you can and cannot do – but Dubai (cheap to get to) not too far away for a weekend away. The social scene however amongst expats is good but you do seem to socialise with the same people. The school I work at is a good school in terms of Kuwait. The salaries are excellent, accommodation is good, especially family accommodation and utility bills paid. I have children but I have to pay 50% school fees – a downside. Airfares are paid for teachers but not dependents. There is also tuition to be had which is well paid. All in all, it’s a great place to save. Me and my husband are able to save 40 – 50K a year as well as have lots of holidays in the Gulf, a big trip at Christmas and home in the summer. Happy at the moment but looking to Asia for our next overseas post.

    • unimpressed says:

      I worked in a school in Kuwait 3 years ago and the pay was not that impressive, 750 Dinar a month tax free. It came with an apartment that was free and it was shabby to say the least.

      The weather was pretty good and of course so were the shopping malls and mariners, but not much more to do.
      i won’t be going back there.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if anyone could answer- what is the housing allowance for a single person at SAS (Singapore American School)? Any idea what the FSS and AWS amounts are too? They do not mention those amounts on website. Thanks- just trying to see how one might live as expat.

  92. alex says:

    Does anybody know anything about the Quality Schools International benefits or the school, themselves? I am thinking of applying (as a couple) because I have heard it is a good first-time international teacher school. We teach in the US and have never taught overseas. We are thinking of someplace in China, ideally. Do they pay well enough for a couple to save? Do they generally include housing or other benefits? I appreciate any info you can spare.

    Also, if you have any info on where else to look for a couple of first timers, we’ll take that as well!

    • Anonymous says:

      You definately should apply to QSI, worked with them before. Just watch out for the pollution in China. The best school is supposed to be in Shekou (nice weather, nice director).

      • alex says:

        Thanks for the info. I have been looking at the school in Shekou online and it seems like a good fit for my husband and myself. Especially since it is IB. Do you know how the pollution is in Shekou? I know it is near Hong Kong, but I know Hong Kong is a smaller (for China) city than many of the big ones in China.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Dear fellow educators:

    I have been surprised to see how little savings is available at some schools in Singapore and Hong Kong considering the reputations they have for great schools and great money. I’m looking to teach at a PYP school in SE Asia and save at least 15-20K a year. Here are some of the schools I’m looking at:

    International School of Ho Chi Minh City
    United Nations International School of Hanoi

    International School Singapore
    Canadian International School Singapore
    United World College SE Asia Singapore (all know the rep)

    Hong Kong-Canadian International School
    Hong Kong-Renaissance College


    I’m looking purely at savings potential (specific numbers) for a single.
    Any experiences here? Or other schools I have overlooked (PYP, good savings, good city)?

    Thanks much,

    • Blackie says:

      It’s great to look…. but, most of the schools you’re listing there are top of the line schools. I would be busy trying to find a school where I’d be happy, and worry about what I’ll get paid once I’ve had an interview. I work at one of the schools mentioned and I would say you should be able to save that much at any one of these schools… but it’s all based on how you live…. like to travel? Drink a lot? You like expensive clothes? Miss home, so gotta go back at Xmas as well as June? Then, you’ll save nothing. You could rent a place in Singapore for $2000 and save some housing allowance, or you could do the expat thing and rent an apartment and pay 3.5k and possibly eat into your salary…. All depends on how you want to live.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most schools in Singapore offer a housing allowance. I work at one of the big schools here at receive a large chunk of my housing allowance back in my paycheck. Rents run S$2500 to S$15k, but a nice 3br condo will run an expat around $3500.

        We were able to buy a car in S’pore, travel every holiday and still save $45k+ USD. Next year will be more with step increases and not having all the start up costs.

    • BB says:

      ISHCMC is now owned by Cognita. Lot’s of bad things happening there. Many long term staff leaving. Benefits and package is being cut. Well liked new Head was sacked recently. School has a great reputation in Saigon, but whether that reputation continues in the future…

  94. If you are an experienced teacher with a credential, you can be competitive in the international teaching market. Singapore is one of the most competitive markets in the world at the tier one schools.

    You would probably be well served by registering with search associates and going to a fair. UWC has already closed out it’s application period for the 2012 school year openings. There are several international schools in Singapore. UWC, SAS, and the British school being the most competitive. They’ll have literally thousands of applicants for a handful of openings this year. There are also schools like OFS, Canadian, etc… you need to really dig into ISR reviews and do homework on each of them… Any of them could have openings that meet your qualifications.

    As for “negotiating” a package, you need to just look at what each school offers. There aren’t really any negotiations for the most part.

  95. Gisella Longbotham says:

    I would like to know about NIST (The New International School of Thailand. Anyone who can give me as much information about the package, cost of living, community, taxes, etc? Thanks

    • They have an excellent package. They are a top notch international school. It is very competitive to get an interview there.

      They are in the heart of a busy part of the city, and very focused on IB, internationalism, etc…

      • Gisella Longbotham says:

        Hi James,
        Thanks for your information. Do you work at NIST or know someone who works there? I would like to know more specific things about the school, etc. If you don’t mind you can write to me at
        I would really appreciate it.

  96. happytraveler1812 says:

    Kaoshiung American School in Taiwan has a decent package, around 40K with master and 8 years. Great working conditions and Kaoshiung is a killer city to live in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Can you elaborate on the package? We really want to move to Taiwan. Thank you so much!!!

      • happytraveler1812 says:

        I’m around 40K with 8 years plus.They give you 10% of that for retirement which you get when you leave. Around $650 a month housing allowance for singles I think around $750 for couples. They pick places for you when you get here, which are in a high-rise with two bedrooms and office. Very modern places, kinda like a condo your grandparents live in. You can pick a different place the second year if you want to upgrade.You get a monthly utility allowance that covers around half of cable, wifi, electricity, gas. I probably pay another 75 out of pocket for the above. Ticket when you leave second year, but its one year contracts after and you get a ticket back home at summer. Great PD, I’m going to Thailand on their dime for the first few days of Spring break and get to travel after. I save 2K a month easy. Taiwan is modern , but you can find food for cheap on the streets and in Chinese places. Kaoshiung is a big city, but very calm. Great places to travel to the beaches and mountains. The people are super nice. Its totally safe. I love it here and hope to stay a long time :).

    • oishiisan says:

      do they offer housing?

  97. Anonymous says:

    I don’t work at TAS but I do work at a similar school in the region. I have seen and studied the TAS package just recently. Among the very best in the world AND US social security if you are an American.

  98. Gee says:

    I just received the pay scales from a school in Saudi and I’m a bit confused. They said that the ‘salary is significantly higher than the UK’ yet its only works out at £25k. The benefits make it better obviously, am I missing something on the pay front?

    • Anonymous says:

      The golden days of amazing packages in Saudi are sadly over. The benefits are housing, flights, medical insurance which make the package pretty competitive. You can save most of your pay because there is nothing to do in Saudi!! And you do spend every holiday flying out of Saudi too – so just as well that you can save. Not as hard to live here as you would think, and a good place to focus on your work and only your work.

    • overseas teacher says:

      I had a friend who also used to work in Saudi and he said that you make a lot of money on tuition and it really bumps up your salary.

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