Teachers Comment on Recruiting Fairs

February 19, 2010

We originally invited teachers to tell us what they thought could be done to alleviate the problem of schools filling advertised positions prior to recruiting fairs. Our query brought a wealth of comments on this topic and recruiting fairs in general.   This lead us to change the title of this blog and open it to a general discussion on recruiting fairs. Have something to add?

Local Staff, Parents and Neighbors as Friends

February 9, 2010

I’m teaching in an emerging nation and earning ten times as much as my new-found, local-hire friend.  From my perspective, this financial chasm makes our friendship awkward.  I can afford to eat out, go to a movie, purchase new clothes and travel during breaks; my friend cannot.  Should I treat when we go places?  Is this embarrassing for my friend?  What if we are with other foreign-hire teachers and as a group decide to go for drinks and dinner?  I never know how to handle these situations. Read the rest of this entry »