Trailing Spouse Solutions

November 29, 2010

Teaching teams are tops & going it alone is fine, but recruiting with a non-teaching spouse poses its own unique set of circumstances. Travel, shipping, medical insurance, housing & visa procurement issues top the list of concerns  for any school recruiter considering a teacher with a trailing spouse.

Also to be considered is what will a non-teaching spouse do with their time? Will they be content to be on the sidelines of the school environment & collegiality? Can they seek employment within their profession? What happens if they feel like the odd-person-out in a foreign land & want to return home?

The ISR Trailing Spouse Blog offers candidates with a non-teaching spouse the opportunity to dialogue with each other, provide support, & brainstorm solutions/ideas for overcoming these potential obstacles to being hired.

Premature Contract Resigning

November 12, 2010

Reports have been coming into the ISR office for weeks that some international schools have already been pressuring teachers to commit to contract renewals for the 2011-12 academic year. Not too many years ago it was the trend for schools to wait until after the winter holidays before asking teachers to declare their intentions to stay for another year.

Why are some schools now pushing the commitment date to earlier & earlier in the school year? A few schools have even announced a substantial financial penalty or threatened to blackball teachers who indicate they will renew their contract but later change their plans.

Why so early? What reason could schools have to expect such an early commitment date for contract renewal?