Dos & Don’ts of Successful International School Directors

Dos: The role of an international school Director requires unique and varied personal  and professional attributes. To define these, The Academy of International School Heads (AISH) offers agreed upon Standards of Excellence for the successful international school Director. These encompass 10 qualities such as: “Inspires faculty and staff to the highest expectations” and “Continuously refreshes professional skills and knowledge.” The expectations are high! How does your school Director compare with the Standards of Excellence?  Blog this topic.

Don’ts: Some of the Worst Mistakes School Heads Make is an AISH offering that considers Director traits from the opposite perspective by outlining actions and attitudes school Directors should avoid. Failing to ask for help and Being afraid to say ‘I do not know’ head up the list. Blog this topic.

PLEASE DO NOT NAME INDIVIDUALS ON THIS BLOG. If you would like to post a  School Review or Director Report Card on ISR click here.

2 Responses to Dos & Don’ts of Successful International School Directors

  1. Overseas 2 says:

    I’ve been working under a director that I would say subscribes to and exemplifies the points outlined in the AISH articles. Teachers at my school are upbeat, parents are happy and best of all the kids are learning. It’s an outstanding situation for all involved. Previously, I worked at a school where the director was seriously not qualified to direct two young kids building a sand castle. None of us could figure out how he landed the position. When the school’s internet would go down he would wait days to call in someone to get it up and running — “haven’t you heard of telephones?” he would say. He never considered that computers were for more than sending email. Yes, a real mental giant of a man, insecure and afraid of his teachers’ abilities and the thought they may figure out he was the buffoon we all say him to be. Some of us doubted if he could read beyond a 4th grade level.

    The degree to which the individual at the top impacts a school is tremendous. Schools would do well to carefully examine potential future directors and see how they measure up to the AISH standards.

    Thank you ISR for bringing the AISH standards to light. Thank you AISH for your dedication to furthering high standards for international education


  2. Giproc says:

    The one that always bothers me is when a director says “I can’t do anything about it since it’s the board’s decision” when the issue is clearly in the realm of responsibilities of the director.

    They should either step up to the plate or find a new career, after all, the same director would never accept a teacher who shirks his or her responsibilities. Leading by bad examples never works.


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