Which School Should I Choose for My Child?

Dear Dr. Spilchuk/ ISR On Line Consultant

Our family is considering three international schools in London, UK for our child to register in. We have applied to all three of them and it looks as though we will have a choice. Two of the schools have IB starting from Elementary through Middle School and into High School. The third school has the American curricula up to Grade 9 and then in high school, the IB Program begins (you have the choice of staying with the American curriculum at that point or putting your child in IB). The third school has a slightly better location for us as well as swim facilities, however…
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5 thoughts on “Which School Should I Choose for My Child?

  1. My children are in an “International” school this year and my advice is to look for a truly international school first then academics. The current school is labelled international but 90% of the students are local students. I picked the school because they follow the same curriculum as my home country and thought it would be an easy transition. My children are not truly happy at the school and are having problems making friends. Luckily my children are young and more adaptable but some of my friends who have older children will be cutting their international teaching experience short because there kids are very unhappy. Talking with other families the happiest are the ones who go to the 2 international school that have a divers population of students from many countries. All the students are in the same boat and are willing to make new friends and be more social. This includes their parents.


  2. Well, to be a competitive swimmer, the girl can join any of London’s swimming clubs outside school and they’ll be happy to have a good swimmer. It will give her the chance to make friends with local children and immerse into the culture immediately. She may even go to more intersting competitions than the school competitions. As I live in London I can really recommend ASL which I hear from friends is the better run school, while the IB school keeps raising its fees at record speed. Something to consider, unless you’re on an expat package.


  3. Very insightful reply. It’s a reminder to all us overanxious parents that academics is not everyone’s forte and it ok , even beneficial , to go with what the child enjoys doing ,, his or her interests, which will end up putting the child in a good place eventually.


  4. Excellent advice. It’s the participation in sport that has encouraged my distinctly academically average daughter to achieve to the best of her ability in the classroom. Good luck!


  5. I’m sure someone else has thought of this already….but is ISR marketed to parents as a resource for school selection? It would certainly be an appropriate resource to have among all those need to make a smart choice. And, school administrators might take ISR reviews much more seriously if they knew that parents were reading them, too.


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