We’re Customizing ISR With Some Neat, New Features

upgrade44041384It’s no secret International Schools Review is jam-packed-full of candid, insightful information about schools around the world. Sometimes, however, getting to that information can be a bit more time consuming than it should be. With our members’ on-line experience in mind, we at ISR think it’s time to add some cool new features that will allow you to customize how you interact with the ISR web site.

At the top of our list of things-to-add is the option to reverse the order in which school Reviews appear on a page. We’ve thought this a great idea for some time but discovered our current system did not allow for what would seem like a simple operation. That’s about to change, and much more! Along with a search engine with the ability to search for high-ranking schools, we’re exploring the possibility of offering automatic alerts so you can get updates to your email account when information you want gets posted to the site.

new-and-improved39743329All these changes will be made behind the scenes, so to speak. In other words, ISR will be in full operation at all times. Then, once we have everything set, we’ll make an announcement and switch to the new, improved ISR, all in one fell swoop. We’re aiming for mid-September.

ISR is all about Teachers Keeping Each Other informed. We’d appreciate it if you’d help keep us informed and take a few minutes to share any ideas you have for features you’d like to see incorporated into the ISR upgrade. We can’t guarantee we’ll use all your ideas, but we’ll do our best to tailor ISR to meet your needs. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “We’re Customizing ISR With Some Neat, New Features

  1. Is there any practical way or good reason to also make it more difficult for the same reviewer to keep posting more reviews on the same school so that it ‘looks like’ there are lots of positive or negative reviews that agree when actually it is the same happy or disgruntled teacher or administrators trying to do a ‘sales-pitch’ for their schools? Number of entries, positive or negative, do influence readers’ opinions. I always wonder about this when I’m reading multiple postings on a school.


  2. Very nice! I’ve been a member for a lot of years and love what you guys do. You saved my arse when I was about to accept a job and read the reviews just in time to say no. I’ve followed this school for some years and the “lovely” reviews of the place keep on rolling in.

    I’m thrilled to hear you’re upgrading the site to make it do more things with all the information. I would like to suggest that you include a feature that allows us to go to a school with say, 8 reviews, and have the rubric scores tallied and averaged for each category and for the school as a whole. This would give us a quick way to make comparisons between schools. Just my two cents worth. Thanks for all you do.


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