MOOCs for Professional Development

learning6874555We just discovered MOOCs and are excited to pass on what we’ve learned to our ISR readers! Massive Open Online Courses, known as MOOCs, are usually free and support worldwide interactive participation. Along with traditional course materials such as lectures and visual tools, MOOCs provide interactive forums that build online communities of students and instructors. We were delighted to learn MOOCs are often sponsored by some prestigious universities. Read More

On the popular Canvas Network, MOOCs run the gamut from American Counter-Terrorism Law to topics of particular interest to International Educators. Here’s some courses we thought ISR readers may want to pursue:

• Teaching Diverse Students Online

• X-Word Grammar: The Simple Sentence

• Task-based Language Teaching with Digital Tools

• Risk Management in Higher Education: Student Issues

• Learning Beyond Letter Grades

.• Digital tools for the K-12 educator

• Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals

• Ethics and Values in a Multicultural World

The Canvas Network is just one of a handful of MOOCs popping up. Edx features courses from Berkley, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Udacity and Coursera are other online networks well worth a look. You may need to spring for a $40 – $60 text book, but that’s it.

If you’ve been wondering how to advance your career from overseas, or just looking for a way to pass those long weekends at the “outpost”, here’s your answer.

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One thought on “MOOCs for Professional Development

  1. I’m taking two now, one on animal behavior from University of Melbourne and one I’m starting Monday on Science and Inquiry from Rice University. I found them through which offers lots of movies, old ones as well as documentaries, MOOCS on everything and language classes. For just MOOCS, you can go to Not for college credit of course but you can get certificates of completion.


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