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November 27, 2013

Dear Dr. Spilchuk,
Have you any suggestions for a civil case against a person/principal from the U.S. and who lies to the director to get a teacher fired?? Any way a letter, that would scare the pants off this principal, be written? or is it the same old story, “teachers just take it.” Is liability for emotional insult and injury to another person’s employment now one of those things no body can do anything about? Read more….

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Philippines School Information Exchange

November 21, 2013

typhoon12116309Many International Educators are searching for information on the status of colleagues who were teaching in the Philippines when typhoon Yolanda hit. Additionally, teachers who have been recruited to teach in the Philippines in the upcoming school year have questions about the future of their  schools.

Focusing on the possible loss of a job is certainly trivial when compared to the magnitude of the catastrophic events that took place in the Philippines. ISR in no manner means to diminish in any way the tragedy that took place, however, for teachers whose livelihood is their job, this is a topic that merits attention.

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For Newbies: Advice for Landing Overseas Teaching Positions is on the ISR Forum

November 14, 2013

new42394915If you’re new to International Teaching & want someone to evaluate your chances of landing an Overseas position, who do you turn to for advice? Hands down, the best individuals to consult would be International Educators already in the field & teaching candidates in your same situation who have already picked up useful information. With this thought in mind, prospective overseas teachers regularly post details of their qualifications & unique family situations to the ISR Forum. They then invite Forum members to offer personalized advice. Here’s some recent examples from the ISR Forum: See full article / Post & Reply to Recruiting Questions

Janitor at Al Rabeeh School Abu Dhabi Sentenced to Death

November 10, 2013

Sunday, November 10th: An ISR Member has just made us aware of the following emergency situation.  We ask you to review the following information and act as your conscience dictates.

The following is quoted from the Huffington Post:

Mr Ezhur Kalarikkal Gangadharan was, until this summer, a caretaker at Al Rabeeh school in Abu Dhabi (for 30 years). It was a school that had been set up by Brits, and has many British expat teachers working at it.

Mr Gangadharan had not seen his wife and three daughters, back in his home country of India, for two years. Each month, he sent most of his wage packet home. He volunteered at a local community centre, during what little spare time he had.

One day in April 2013, he was arrested, taken to a police station, and beaten for three days. Terrified and in agony – he signed a document thrust before him by the police. The words were in Arabic, a language he could not understand.

The crime he had supposedly committed – the rape of an Emirati schoolchild at Al Rabeeh school.

The South Asians working at the school that day, so-called “house boys,” had also been arrested, tortured, told by police that only a confession would end the pain. Mr Gangadharan had simply been unlucky, he had broken first….

For whatever reason, nobody at the school is prepared to comment on the case. Many of their jobs rely on good will from the Emirati. The Royal Group are not returning calls from myself or from Human Rights Watch. Even the Indian Embassy, swamped with similar abuses and not wanting to upset their diplomatic relationship with the Emirati, simply commented “we have complete faith in the UAE legal system.”

Read entire article on Huffington Post web site.

An appeal against Mr Gangadharan’s rape conviction is happening this Monday 11th November.  You can sign a petition calling for a fair re-trial of  Mr Gangadharan. Click Here to Sign the Petition  (To be delivered to: Ambassador of UAE to the UK, H.E. Abdulrahman Ghanem Almutaiwee &  President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan)


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Successful Recruiting with ISR

November 6, 2013

dice25867895As International Educators we leave our home countries to immerse ourselves in new, exotic lands & to enjoy the unique opportunity of teaching students from many cultures. Of the 6 schools in which I taught, 4 were outstanding examples of what the International teaching experience should be. Unfortunately, 2 of the 6 were such utter disasters they nearly destroyed my desire to pursue a career in International education. We all want to avoid such schools!

It’s truly upsetting to hear about educators being taken advantage of by supposed ‘entrepreneurs’ who have disguised their get-rich plans to look like an International school. At International Schools Review we strive to make your recruiting efforts successful by helping you steer clear of these schools. We do this by hosting in-depth & candid reviews of International schools around the globe. As recounted in many of the 6500+ Reviews we host, most International schools are wonderfully enriching, but care needs to be taken to avoid those that are not.

Yes, ISR has been accused of hosting Reviews written by merely “disgruntled” teachers. But, when dozens+ of such Reviews exist for a particular school, we can no longer question the validity of the claims. As we’ve seen time and again, taking a Pollyanna-ish approach to researching schools can be detrimental to your career & personal safety.

ISR encourages you to do your homework & thoroughly research any school you may be considering. We invite you to visit our Members’ Area to read what teachers have to say about their experiences in an uncensored, up-front & candid way. We also invite you to Share with colleagues your personal approach to safe International school recruiting. How do YOU insure your experience will be a positive one?

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