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Dear Dr. Spilchuk,
Have you any suggestions for a civil case against a person/principal from the U.S. and who lies to the director to get a teacher fired?? Any way a letter, that would scare the pants off this principal, be written? or is it the same old story, “teachers just take it.” Is liability for emotional insult and injury to another person’s employment now one of those things no body can do anything about? Read more….

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Spilchuk, ISR Online TeacherConsultant / Say No! To Admin Bullying Behavior!

  1. I, too, am in a similar position, with the director acting as the bully. He yells at his more experienced staff, whom he didn’t hire, and favors the younger newly hired, chosen by himself. Teachers are afraid of him, since he already has placed a teacher in an office with no work after she won the court case against him. He also has at least four other court cases and has lost all of them. Why the board still keeps him is a mystery. Also, he continues to put teachers down and uses fear to control us. Not easy to leave, since this is our home now. Seeing a lawyer to ask for advice. Wish you well.


  2. It is a great scam. Most overseas teachers are not employees, they are independent contractors. Most don’t know IC rules – i.e., according to IRS “10 Rules for ICs” you can’t be directed as to place/time/content and are responsible only for delivery of a product (ie. teaching). Most administrators are employees of a US corporation which oversees the “educational” activity through a contract with a local company (which may or may not recognize IC status), but that in itself is a violation of US Tax Law. The easiest way to bring a legal case is to sue the US corporation for misrepresentation, breach of contract, tax law and labor law violations and harrassment/intimidation. There may also be local recourse but the objective is to get the US corporation to respond. They treat you like an “employee”, but don’t pay taxes, social security or pensions or in most cases medical insurance. Know the law..


    1. Paula, where do you get these ideas from? On a website not famous for logic and rational argument, this is close to the most foolish paragraph I have ever read here. How can you claim that “most administrators are employees of a US corporation”? Or that US labor law applies overseas? Or that “most overseas teachers are not employees”? And then you conclude with “Know the law…”


  3. I have been there more than once. It’s amazing the hurt it does to you, especially when you have a strong need to help education. These individuals are worst than unethical. Fight the good fight and hope a higher [power will bring justice.


  4. Feeling Blue…..you are NOT alone:

    1) First speak to a lawyer familiar with Us and local law….there may be something they can do to intimidate this bully. Most bullies crawl back into their holes when confronted.

    2) If you have a teacher’s association or something similar, check with them and seek their support.

    3) Talk discretely to a few parents who you know support you and ask them to discretely check out how other parents feel about you as the teacher of their children. If is it generally positive, then find out if any of them will go to bat for you with the Administration.

    4) Have you spoken to the perpetrator? Is he aware that you know he is dissing you to the administration? Has he a record of doing this to others as well? Is there ANY justification or proof that backs up his claims? How have the administration reacted to this principal’s claims about you? You need to ask these questions and follow the above strategy before taking any legal action imho.

    You might also want to talk to your recruiter. I know they generally support the administration, BUT , in some cases they are concerned about being fair-minded and can get information you can’t and might be willing to share it with youm if it isn’t confidential.


  5. I feel for this teacher as I was also verbally and emotionally abused by a principal and superintendent in the U.S. I was the assistant principal at the time and not a teacher. I stayed and finished my contract and then went back overseas as I knew that the principal would never give me a letter of recommendation and it would be difficult to get another job. During that time I sought counseling and even attempted to get a lawyer. No one in the district wanted to help me as they were afraid of losing their own jobs if they got involved.

    That was six years ago and it took at least half that time for me to feel a sense of confidence again. Sorry that I can’t offer any help, but I do understand and wish you well.


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