A Story of Deportation – by Dr. Spilchuk

February 27, 2014

tourist-visa44486779..Dr. Spilchuk, International Schools Review On Line Teacher Advisor, periodically publicizes her interactions with teachers.  She does this so other International Educators can learn from their colleagues experiences and thus make informed decisions along their career paths. Dr. Spilchuk counseled the “deported” teacher in this article. She has omitted the teacher’s name and the name of the school for the teacher’s security.

This is my story:

“I was placed in the detention area of immigration in the Kuwaiti airport and questioned by immigration officials. I was then placed in the hands of ground services. About 9 hours later, ground services  Read more…

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Tell Recruiters + Colleagues About YOUR Recruiting Experience

February 20, 2014

whathaveyourlearned43140067  ….Here’s an opportunity to share your recruiting experiences with colleagues and recruiters alike.  Yes, administration, represented by ALL the major recruiting agencies are also ISR members. We are certain they will see your comments. So, in the spirit of helping recruiters meet the needs of educators and schools AND keeping colleagues informed, we invite you to share YOUR recruiting experiences along with your thoughts and comments.

Here are some examples of what you might want to share: Was the recruiting fair you attended what you anticipated? Please elaborate: What worked? What did not work? Were you impressed with the organization of the event? Would you attend a fair sponsored by the same group again? Is there anything you would suggest be done differently to improve the experience for candidates? If you’re school administration, how would you improve the recruiting fair experience for schools seeking teachers? Would you recommend this venue to colleagues? Why? Why not?

To get started, use your mouse to select and copy the green text, below.  Then scroll down and paste the text into the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.  Supply answers to points 1-4 and add comments. Include as much information as you like. Please keep comments constructive in nature! Avoid rants which may mysteriously disappear!

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1) Recruiting Agency:
2) Event Location:
3) Event Date:
4) Number of previous fairs attended:

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What Would YOU Do? / Part 3

February 13, 2014

weighingoptions53759368The good news:  You’ve been working at a great school for the past two years & love everything about the experience. The kids & parents, housing, Director & Principal, facilities & resources, the benefits package, community & cultural opportunities ALL continue to exceed your expectations. You’re proud of your good choice of schools & have just committed to a third year. Yeah!

The bad news: Today you learned the Director has been dismissed by the Board & a new Director will be taking his place in the upcoming year. Uh oh! This incoming Director is covered in many ISR Reviews & the future under his “leadership” looks foul & grim. Now what?

What recourse do you have as a teacher? In the ISR spirit of Teachers Keeping Each Other Informed, when teachers discover that their unpopular Director will be moving on to a new school, they often post Director Reports to the future school’s Review page to warn prospective recruiting candidates about exactly who will be taking the place of current leadership.

While obviously you have little in the way of options if you’re teaching at a school that hired a new Director with poor Reviews, you CAN be instrumental in helping colleagues make an informed decision about what they may be getting into at a prospective school. Click to submit an Admin Report Card for your beloved or despicable Administrator.

What would you do if this suddenly became your reality? It may seem hardly worth jumping ship when, after all, you only signed on for one more school year. But, if you’re in this predicament, consider posting a School Review to let recruiting candidates know that things may be changing, for better or worse, at the school. Your colleagues will thank you!

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What Would YOU Do? / Part 2

February 6, 2014

lier3444945Here’s the scenario: You recruited at one of the big fairs and caught-up in the moment, accepted a contract without reading any of the ISR Reviews on the school or location. The director seemed honest and sincere, and you took her word for everything until….a couple of weeks into the school year it dawns on you that you’ve been seriously “duped’!

The following is a real situation facing one of our ISR Members. What would YOU do if this was suddenly your reality?

You’d have to be HERE to understand — I “teach” (I use the term lightly) grade 10/11 girls and yesterday NOTHING was accomplished. The noise and chaos is unbelievable by Western classroom standards, and the girls as a whole have NO INTEREST in learning, BUT I’m told “You WILL give them 99s on their report cards!”

They shriek, leave the room, ignore you, do each other’s hair, talk, yell over all your lessons. Yesterday I was TRYING to read them a chapter of MOBY DICK and the poor 3 who actually WANTED to hear it COULDN’T and say as you will — There was NOTHING I COULD DO to SHUT THEM UP! Call an administrator to be told “You are the problem. NOT the girls.” ? If you, YOU there, are NOT here, you have NO IDEA, so do NOT think you do!

What would YOU do? Consult other teachers? Continue doing the best you could and let the report card reflect the students’ lack of effort? Call parents for support? Catch a one-way flight out? Or accept your mistake and make the best of the situation for now? Join the Discussion