Letter From School Owner Sparks Debate

. “I think this director’s comments are very fair and reasonable. We get none of these perks at home yet expect luxurious accommodations…”

. “I would laugh at your offer – never in a million years would I work for you…”

. “What a whiner? Sounds like he (the school owner) is saying “poor me.” Any person has a right to want good housing and to make a decent salary.”

• “I get annoyed with complainer type teachers! Just go home and be happy – you ruin it for those of us who are trying to enjoy the experience.”

debate14982578International Schools Review was taken by surprise by the range and intensity of the 100+ responses to our letter from a International school. To recap, this for-profit school owner wrote ISR to discuss contractual points such as, Professional Development, airfare, shipping, dependants and housing. He requested ISR share his letter with readers.

..In response, ISR readers adamantly took sides. Some felt that the owner had spelled out exactly what teachers would be getting so there was no reason to complain, although contract benefits were not on par with “tier 1” schools. Others asserted they would never work for a guy like this and still others felt he wasn’t entitled to pocket more than his teachers earned. If you missed this article we recommend you have a look.

Click Here for Full Article and Teachers’ Comments

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