Can I Still Find a Teaching Position?

lookingforjob28364447Dear ISR,
I was unable to attend the recruiting fair I signed up for due to unforeseen health problems (now a thing of the past). I desperately want to go back overseas (I’ve been back in England for a year now) but have no idea how to go about finding a position at this late date.

Do you think it is still possible to find a position or should I just hang it up until next year? What do you think about sending out a mailer to schools introducing myself? I’m a maths teacher and I’ve taught high school science. I am told science teachers are in demand. Is there a web site that advertises emergency openings? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Oh… by the way…love your web site! I’ve been a member for 4 years and vetted my first school using your reviews

With warm regards,
Skip (last name withheld by request)

NOTE: ISR has already sent Skip some basic advice.  We decided to through this topic out to ISR readers who are/have been actively engaged in the recruiting process this season and able to offer more timely, insightful advice.

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9 thoughts on “Can I Still Find a Teaching Position?

  1. I am somewhat new to this. Can someone list some ACTUAL SITES that I should look on??? I would greatly appreciate any and all information!!! Thanks all! :- D


  2. It’s definitely possible! I was in your situation a few years ago and desperately wanted to go overseas again. I checked out all the websites and was able to find a job through Search in July (for September). So keep looking-I’m sure that something good will turn up for you!


  3. LOADS and LOADS of jobs… even with dependents. I am married with 2 kids, wife is a non-teacher and I’m an elementary Phys. Ed’er… so there are not exactly millions of jobs for me… I got nothing at the Search fair I attended (funny thing, there was something like 17 elementary Phys. Ed jobs listed prior to the fair – but less than 6 when the fair started)…. I’ll never waste my time/effort again. Skype and word of mouth is enough. My advice is, think of where you WANT to teach, then look everywhere – forget about what you think you want. There are awesome schools out there that are looking for great teachers!!! Search for… International school….. whichever country and then visit or email each individually….. Good luck!


  4. I got my last job at a fair, but next time i think i ll just wait for one of those last minute positions that open up………if you have no dependents someone will snatch you up in no time


  5. Many schools still have open positions, and many will have “surprise” openings in the months to come. I recommend checking the websites, then contacting schools by post, rather than by email to let them know you are interested and available. It worked for me.


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