School’s Out for Summer

school-is-out-64404601For the remainder of June & all of July, ISR Newsletters will feature our Most Popular Blog Topics, Forum Posts & Articles of Interest. We recommend you also visit the ISR Newsletter Archive to view Newsletters you may have missed during the busy academic year.

During the upcoming six weeks the Staff at ISR will focus on much needed programming up-dates to the ISR web site. In other words, we’ll be busy this summer getting the ISR Web Site in tip-top shape for the upcoming (& much anticipated) recruiting season. Of course, we’ll continue posting new Reviews every day & featuring them in each weekly Newsletter. Here’s a suggested reading list of timely topics for this week:

Recommend Reading – 6/18

Summer Vacation Dilemmas for International Educators

Teaching Abroad – Moving On Is a Difficult Road to Walk
by Dr. Barbara Spilchuk

Surviving – Looking Forward to the End of the School Year (ISR Forum)

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