Survey: What Are International Educators Doing This Summer?

July 30, 2015

summer-sun85091069..The world’s in your backyard when you’re an International Educator! Isn’t that grand? Add to that the relatively inexpensive/unlimited travel possibilities & international travel is, for us fortunate International teachers, absolutely limitless!

So, what are YOU doing this summer? Have you rented a cottage on a tropical island & learned to scuba dive? Maybe you’re traveling in your host country or on some distant continent you’ve always wanted to explore? Perhaps you’re studying a foreign language, living in a tree-house in the Amazon, or building houses for Habitat For Humanity? It could be you’ve opted to return to your home country for some family/friends-back-home time?

ISR Members want to know! Give a shout-out to your colleagues around the world:


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What’s in a School Name?

July 9, 2015

school-name89075618Here’s an interesting question from an ISR Member: 

When I think of a school such as the ‘American School of ABC,’ or ‘The International School of XYZ,’ I imagine an oasis of Western educational practices in the midst of a developing nation.

My question is this: Do International Schools eventually all become a reflection of their host nation, or is it possible for them to remain immune from the less than progressive, sometimes backwards, influences that surround and pressure them to conform? (i.e. a dictatorial government, host national parental pressures and/or local educational practices).

Is there a point where the word ‘American/Canadian/British’ or ‘International’ in a school’s name becomes nothing more than rhetoric?

Tell us your thoughts on this topic.

Canadian International School Hong Kong in Turmoil

July 2, 2015

The school day had ended. Teachers and students were saying their good-byes for the summer months.  Unbeknownst to 9 teachers and 2 support staff, their goodbyes were going to be permanent.  While still in their classrooms signing students’ yearbooks and wishing the kids and parents a great vacation, a school secretary entered and handed “walking notices” to the 9 unsuspecting teachers. It is reported that some burst into tears. Security guards then locked the dismissed teachers out of their email accounts.

As a result, Canadian School Hong Kong now finds itself suspended by Search Associates and has become the focus of organized protests by both parents and students.

Reports indicate the school has sought legal advice as to whether it can also remove certain students as a means to break relations with parents who, like the fired teachers, oppose current school governance procedures. Gregg Maloberti, current Head of school, replaced a well-liked and respected previous Head who was booted after disagreements with school governors. The Globe and Mail web site reports that a group of students expressed disapproval of the firings by taking down Mr. Maloberti’s official school portrait.

The letters of termination are said to contain verbiage reminding teachers that their contracts contain a confidentiality clause. By all accounts, this clause is in essence a gag order, and may account for why ISR has not received School Reviews exposing the situation.

ISR certainly would not advocate any teacher break the terms of their contract, but parents and other interested parties may wish to have a centralized location through which to discuss developments at this school. Notably, the school reports they will be “fully staffed with qualified teachers when classes resume in August.”

Here are some news links of interest related to this situation

1. Even Hong Kong’s sought-after private schools cannot ignore customer needs:

2. Canadian School in Hong Kong fires group of teachers after year of tumult:

3. CDNIS suspended from International Education Network:

And it seems many are so frustrated, a spoof Twitter account mimicking the Head of School was created:

4. Read a detailed School Review  posted to the ISR Member Area (7/3/2015) that describes events at the school in detail. Please scroll to Review #10 when page opens

(ISR Note: In a previous Newsletter, we did say we were taking the summer months off to focus on technical matters related to the ISR Web Site, but the current situation at the Canadian School Hong Kong warrants immediate attention.)

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