Announcing: The ISR Member Forum

The Beta version of the ISR Member Forum was launched today! If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on a specific International School, this is the place. Review-type information is encouraged, information that cannot be permitted on the ISR Pubic Forum. With the addition of the Member Forum, teachers are now free to ask questions & share experiences/insights in this members-only forum setting. Have a look!

Go to ISR Member Forum

2 thoughts on “Announcing: The ISR Member Forum

  1. Anyway to post anonymously? I realise our user names are anonymous, but after you’ve posted a few time it can be pretty easy to recognise someone if you are familiar with that person.


    1. Create a user name and password and post. If you include information in your posts that allow people to see it is you, then you may want to limit what you reveal about yourself in your posts. People have been successfully posting for years to our public forum and posting reviews with complete anonymity. Best, Ben @ ISR


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