International Teachers of Color in The Wall Street Journal

hands247206A recent Article in The Wall Street Journal, “Wow, I’m the Only Black Person Here,” interviewed educators of color working in International Schools. One educator reported she applied for a job at an International School in Colombia and was told the school was worried what parents would think about employing a black teacher. Another recruiter in Egypt told her, “It could be difficult as a black woman to come to the school.” When contacted by The Wall Street Journal, several International School recruiting agencies didn’t respond to inquiries about the racial makeup of International teachers or said they did not collect racial statistics.

ISR is pleased to say that The Wall Street Journal’s article sites an International Schools Review Article/Blog titled, Teachers of Color Overseas. First published in 2009, Teachers of Color Overseas hosts 189 posts by teachers exchanging information on this important topic. Unfortunately, from our perspective, it appears not much has changed since 2009. In fact, it is looking like not much has changed in America since 1960. We invite you to revisit this timely topic.

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