Take The “WE” Pledge


The WE Movement is About Being Empowered to Change the World
“WE believes We Are the Change. We are defined by our daily efforts. If We don’t take action, who will? WE believes our actions will inspire others to do the same. These actions will help create a tidal wave of impact. We know small things add up to great change. Because, WE starts with me.” 

Learn more about WE. Get involved. Involve your students. Become a WE school. Visit the WE web site. For each of your students that takes the WE pledge a sponsoring company will donate $10 to the WE movement.

As International Educators We are in the unique position to help spread the WE movement to all corners of the globe. Today, WE Movement events fill stadiums around the world to capacity with participating school-age children ready to make a positive difference in the world. Are you ready to make a difference?

Learn More & Become Part of the Tidal Wave of Change

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