Promises, Promises, Promises…

promises  ISR would like to hear about the correlation between what was promised to you during recruiting & the reality of what you found upon arrival at your new school.

Of course, first impressions can be deceiving & recruiting promises may seem inaccurate in relationship to our expectations. On the other hand, more than one teacher has been deceived by a slick “sales” person just trying find warm bodies to pacify school board hiring expectations.

Given that things could go up or down over the next few months we also want to compare your first impressions, for better or for worse, with how you feel after a few months at your new school. So…

Here’s the Plan:

Before you begin to add Comments to your Review, type a word known only to you at the start of this section. For example, I have chosen the word CAT.


ISR will remove this “secret word” before your Review posts but we’ll keep a record of which word goes with which Review.

Then, in a few months we’ll put out an all-call for updates. At that time you would again enter “Cat” at the start of your Review & proceed to fill us in on how the experience has turned out in comparison to your first impression. We’ll match your latest Review with your first Review & post them side-by-side.

Click Here to Post Your Review
Together we can identify schools where promises actually are reality!

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