Choosing a School Review Site You Can Trust

..In 2003 International Schools Review went online with one startling Review. Within days, more Reviews began rolling in from other International Educators who, too, had suffered injustices at the hand of schools and directors. For the founder of ISR, it came as a huge surprise to learn that the sordid events outlined in ISR’s first-ever Review were not uncommon. They were, in fact, endemic.

..As International Schools Review grew and evolved, the International Educators’ Bill of Rights came into existence through the collaboration of hundreds of International Educators around the globe. Interestingly, every major recruiting agency refused to endorse this document. International Schools Review became firmly grounded in the International Educators’ Bill of Rights and, as such, our mission has been to provide a safe haven for International educators to share the honest, forthright truth about their schools. Our byline, International Educators Keeping Each Other Informedis far more than just a saying — your career and future are our top priority!

..In recent years we’ve seen new school Review sites spring up, some with your best interest in mind and others not so much.  One such upstart imitates the look/feel of the ISR Newsletter and tries to deceive readers into believing the short, one-line comments they post actually lead to full-length reviews, when in actuality the one-liner Newsletter blurb IS the entire “review.” Another site has optimized their site to appear like ISR to search engines, even calling itself by our name but changing one letter of International Schools Review. A couple of upstarts even host ads from schools. But what shocked us most was to discover a site that actually posts a directory, along with photos, of all members on their homepage, leaving members vulnerable to retaliation by schools.

  ISR observes that, of course, if the only information you allow on your “review” site is laudatory and/or benign, there’ll be no problems coming from schools. There ARE problems aplenty, however, for those candidates seeking an honest appraisal of school policies and treatment, yet finding only happy-happy, glowing comments most likely written by invested review authors such as school owners, admin, admonished/threatened teachers, or board members.

..Can you depend on the information a web site hosts? We compared individual Schools reviewed on ISR with reviews of the same schools on other sites.  We were horrified to see that Schools with a multitude of poor Reviews on ISR were conversely portrayed as being good, even excellent (!) places to work on these other sites. We can only surmise that such review sites are either a.) acquiescing to schools hoping to attract their advertising dollar, or b.) have backed down and removed negative information after threat of lawsuits or other retaliation. ISR has never backed down, will not back down, and we do not accept ads from schools. ISR allows its Members to maintain anonymity in posting all Reviews.

..It’s wise to consult various sources. Without pointing any fingers, ISR urges you to carefully examine any site you depend on to supply information needed to make a wise, informed career decision. NO one wants to find themselves stranded in a foreign country, only to realize they’ve been duped by a site, AND an International School, both in it merely for the money. Don’t leave your career to chance!

7 Responses to Choosing a School Review Site You Can Trust

  1. I really value ISR and only wish it included, or would have sister site, to include international universities.


  2. Anonymous says:

    ISR is cool but there are a lot of false reviews on this site from disgruntled, immature teachers who created their own bad experience. Based on real life experience, I really don’t trust anything I read here or on any school review site.
    However, I have learned a lot from the ISR site. Information that would lead to questions that I should ask in an interview. So in that light, ISR has been helpful. Beyond that, I would work anywhere, sleep anywhere, work with anyone, and count it as an experience in life.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, there are disgruntled teachers on the site. One of my friends was a target of a review by a disgruntled teacher. But, and here’s the key, the disgruntled people always reveal themselves as they have no pretense of impartiality. As for my friend, well, the review was so obviously from a disgruntled teacher who really, really didn’t know that her words revealed her pettiness and small-mindedness.


    • Well anonymous, many people don’t have the luxury of “working anywhere, sleeping anywhere and working with anyone”, because we’ve already had plenty of life experience, have families to feed, and wish to avoid the headache of working for employers who promise the moon, yet deliver mouldy cheese.

      You also fail to mention the false reviews that sock puppets working for shoddy employers post on ISR. With a little discernment one can easily filter out both categories of BS.


  3. Jason says:

    I’m curious – what was the first review?


  4. duped once says:

    experience has led me to only trust ISR.


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