The Recruiting Fair Diaries


diary-148615604-350x350..Recruiting Fairs have been aptly described as intimidating, frustrating, exhilarating, a cattle call (sometimes accompanied by a choice expletive or two). Truth be known, no matter what you might think of Recruiting Fairs, they do remain one of the more sure-fire ways to land an International Teaching position.

..If you’re planning on attending a Recruiting Fair, a firm understanding of the intrinsic dynamics of the event is essential for success. There’s much more strategy involved in landing a job than simply lining up in front of a recruiter’s table and trying to talk your way into an interview. Knowing what to expect and having a game plan is essential for success.

..Simply stated, what you need, going into a Recruiting Fair, is foresight. To help our readers get the edge, ISR invites you to read teachers’ day-by-day, blow-by-blow accounts of their Recruiting Fair experiences. Such an inside look at Recruiting Fairs is essential if YOU want to hit the ground running and walk out with the prize!

2016 Fair Diaries
Search Melbourne,  ISS Bangkok,  Search Bangkok,  

2017 Fair Diaries
Newbie thoughts on London Fair
Search LondonUpdates from Bangkok More Fair Diaries

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One thought on “The Recruiting Fair Diaries

  1. I just wanted to forewarn people of upcoming fairs that many schools are not necessarily focusing on you who paid money to get to the fair. I couldn’t even get interviews with several schools because they were so busy DURING FAIR TIME Skyping with candidates who didn’t come to the fair. As a general practice, I don’t have a problem with that, but if candidates paid to attend a fair, recruiters should be providing their focus and time on the people who showed up.

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