Scam Alert!

ISR has learned that CBIS, Collegiate British International School (UAE), is nothing more than a web site designed to extract money from unsuspecting teachers.

The business office at Deira International School (also in UAE) reports that the Collegiate British International School web site is a theft/clone of the Deira International School web site, with the addition of minor editing and modifications.

Collegiate British International School (fake school):
Deira International School (authentic school):

Unsuspecting teachers who apply on line to teach at Collegiate British International School are offered jobs and soon thereafter asked for money to cover fees, visas, etc. This is a scam!

The Deira International School business office verifies this information and reports their legal department is working on the situation. You can find this information, and other scam alerts, on the Scams and Recruiting Alerts page at ISR.

Do you have experience with this school?
Are you aware of any other scams to report?
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4 Responses to Scam Alert!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did these teachers not get contracts and do a due diligence check on the school? Bizarre!


  2. Thurston Thistertinton says:

    Never ever pay money in order to get a job. Are people really that stupid?


    • Burnt ince says:

      What I understand is that after they were hired they were asked to send money for their visas, etc. So no, people are not as stupid as would like to think they are. It’s an easy scam to fall for.


      • Code Red is not my name says:

        Actually, it isn’t. How can you interview for a job and not know the person interviewing know little or nothing about education. I have never worked for a school that asked me to pay for a visa. I definitely wouldn’t be interested if it is asking for all of that. I also look up the director and principals of the school to double check the validity of any school. Plus a google search should send off some warning bells as well. Due diligence!


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