With the academic year over or soon to be ending at International Schools around the globe, you no doubt have a clear idea of what the near future has in store for you. Take our quick Survey and check the real-time results to learn what’s up for your colleagues in the summer months and onward into the next school year. It’s always nice to know how YOU fit into the picture! Here’s your opportunity.


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7 thoughts on “Survey:

  1. Seems as if many international schools are now refusing to hire experienced international teachers. I have now seen 3 top schools recruit young teachers with NO overseas experience! Not sure why this is because it used to be top schools preferred experienced international teachers. Have also seen an emerging trend of international schools hiring interns!!! It is as if my time overseas counts for nothing! So I returned to my home country and they won’t pay anyone for more than 10 years of teaching experience. What a dilemma.


    1. Sad but true. Students are being cheated and parents in many of the Asian countries don’t know the difference and are not aware that when choosing a school they should check to see if it is accredited and ask for proof of teacher qualifications.


  2. Many of my fellow international teachers have become increasingly disillusioned with the growth of profit driven schools that no longer care about quality administrators or teachers. Two of the best teachers I know have quit international teaching because they found excellence and dedication was unappreciated.


  3. The safe bet seems to be to stay with your current school if its decent.More and more for profit and just negative places to work are a dime a dozen these days.


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