These Reviews May Blow Your Socks Off

..Schools that withhold salaries, switch contract terms, substitute poor housing for promised housing, fail to reimburse travel & shipping allowances, renege on health insurance and engage in other dishonest practices are not acceptable schools to work at by any stretch of the imagination.

Why take chances with your personal well being and your career? Before accepting an overseas teaching position consult International Schools Review to learn what those who have gone before you have to say.


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2 thoughts on “These Reviews May Blow Your Socks Off

  1. This year, having survived an alcoholic head last year, I found myself working for a psychopathic liar, who abuses female staff, lies about his credentials, has huge hissy fits and is downright nasty and trashy. A Christmas departure may be in order.


  2. Yep, yep and yep. I try and record all conversations I have with my MD because he’s completely untrustworthy. He has changed contracts, forged signatures, and probably more that hasn’t come to light yet.


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