Help ISR Settle an Ongoing Debate

Although it may seem trivial at first glance, there’s been much debate at ISR on the topic of whether or not we should convert the Open Forum and School Reviews sections of ISR to a cell phone friendly format. (Note: All other sections of the ISR web site have already been converted.)

The faction in favor of a conversion says….
Convert them both! Pure and simple. What are we waiting for?

The faction opposed to a conversion says….
Not so fast! Check out other popular web sites and you’ll see the forums have not been converted to a cell phone format, and for good reason:

If ISR changes the Open Forum and School Reviews sections to a cell phone format, the pages, because of the extensive information they contain, will become so long that a perspective of all that’s contained on a page will be lost on a cell phone. In other words, you won’t be able to see the trees for the forest, so to speak… The information is more easily available on a phone as it is now than extended to many, many pages in cell format.

To resolve the issue of whether to convert the Open Forum and School Review sections of the ISR web site to cell phone format we invite YOU to participate in the decision-making process. Your input will help us continue developing International Schools Review as an ever more useful, evolving tool for making your important career decisions.

International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is All About!

Please scroll down to take our short Survey. Feel free to comment, below.

5 thoughts on “Help ISR Settle an Ongoing Debate

  1. Using two fingers to zoom in and out, and tilting the screen 90 degrees for a landscape view works great. Phone format is not for in depth reading!!


  2. Dear ISR,

    Please keep the current ISR forum as is – I don’t have a very fancy cell phone so I will not be able to access the forum on my phone. And also please take note, that here in China our cell phones have tracking devices (sim cards and wechat messaging systems) and phone content is generally monitored here so I will not feel comfortable using a cell phone format for ISR.

    Thank you for being mindful of this!

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  3. I personally like the forum and the member reviews the way they are. Sites with a ton of information, like the school reviews, are hard to use on a cell phone so I always end up selecting the option to view as a web page. No need to change them.


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