The Elephant in the Room

An ISR reader recently sent us this entertaining photo. He asked:  Would we invite teachers to compose their own conclusion to this scenario? Sounds like a fun break from the seriousness of recruiting, doesn’t it? So, here goes!

..We’ve been living in Malaysia for more than a year. Wednesdays are my short days at school and I usually try to head home a bit early to enjoy the house to myself, at least before Jane and the kids arrive home. On this day, though, someone had left the sliding glass doors wide open… 

 Bang!! A chair rebounding off the wooden floor drew my attention just as I was about to set foot inside. What the *@#!?  I struggled to make sense of  it all as, breathless, I snapped this photo and retreated. To my amazement, though, what happened next was the strangest thing of all… 

Please scroll down to complete the Scenario


7 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. To my amazement, though, what happened next was the strangest thing of all…
    The elephant headed towards me with a horrifying menacing look. It pulled my mo ile and tossed it out of the window. Then it grabbed me in its trunk and raised me off the floor. I screamed for help . Then all of a sudden it put me back on the floor and before my eyes it started to shrink and shrink until it finally disappeared in a cloud of smoke with a pop.
    I rubbed my eyes in disbeluef and opened them to find myself standing in the middle of my classroom with all my students staring at me wide eyed.
    Are you alright sir? One of them said.

    I knew then that this was the last time I would drink the local elephant brand saki on a weeknight !


  2. To my amazement, though, the elephant turned to me and said, “I sure wish I had a source citation. I heard that IB teachers don’t like to see appropriated images without proper acknowledgement, and I sure don’t want to end up like that!”


  3. To my amazement, though, what happened next was the strangest thing of all. The elephant turned and looked right at me saying,” Hello, I am the elephant in your house. You can’t ignore me because I am not a metaphor anymore – I am real. It’s clear you and your family have some issues to sort out. So, until you talk to each other, I am going to be the elephant in the room.”


  4. To my amazement the elephant spoke and stated, ¨My name is Trump the elephant but that was my father’s private joke as he said the person with that name is just like me, he is always trumpeting with his trunk, he takes up all the space in the room, he is clumsy, maladroit, makes little sense and doesn’t belong where he currently resides!¨
    I was astonished, especially since the elephant also pointed out that he was the symbol of that man’s political affiliation….isn’t life strange because that man was the principle reason I was overseas and met my friend the elephant.

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  5. To my amazement, though, what happened next was the strangest thing of all. The elephant turned and winked at me, waved his trunk and disappeared. As he did, the basket of apples turned into a basket of gold. My wish had been granted. I walked out this crap- hole school the next day and never looked back. Moral of the story, ‘you can catch more elephants with apples than with peanuts.’


  6. To my amazement, though, what happened next was the strangest thing of all. From the kitchen a small skinny man with a short stick emerged, a mahout I assumed. He was talking to the elephant in smooth, quiet tones. The elephant turned and of all things took a seat on the couch which crumpled to the floor. The man turned on our TV, moved the channel to the soccer game, picked up the overturned chair and took a seat. The elephant began munching on the basket of apples beside the couch while the man helped himself to a beer from the refrigerator. Not knowing what else to do, I got myself a beer and enjoyed the game. I was a bit unpset that the elephant was a fan of the wrong team. It’s hard to be friends with an elephant that cheers for the out-of-town team.

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