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At International Schools Review we make every effort to avoid discussing individual schools, school Directors and/or administrative staff in a public setting.  As such, ISR Discussion Boards that contain such dialogue are stored safely in the Member Area of the web site. To read Member Only Articles you will be asked to sign in.

Dear Dr. Spilchuk – (Articles & advice by Dr. Barbara Spilchuk)

  • Unfairly Fired in Mexico City
    Teacher follows school through the recruiting fair circuit to warn potential new hires of the danger of working for this Mexico based school….

No Pay Advisory June 2008

Readers report schools in Kuwait, UAE & Tanzania taking advantage of departing teachers…

Best and Worst Rated Schools

Why ISR no longer supplies a list of the best and worst rated schools…

International School Cancels New Hire Contracts

School canceled contracts of teachers they recently hired at CIS and Search Associates Fairs in London…

Fear Factor

We all perceive situations differently, and discounting another person’s perception of a situation based solely on our own experiences hardly seems valid…

International Schools That Take Away Teachers’ Passports

We understand that when schools help teachers obtain visas and work permits they do need to hold passports for a very short time. But, once these documents have been processed, is it right for a school to hold onto a teacher’s passport?

Kiev School Dismisses Teacher

Teacher tells of his experience with a school in Ukraine…

School Breaks Verbal Promise

Teacher working at a school in Kuwait while home on Summer Break was told that the school would be moving her possession from her single dwelling to a shared apartment, while she was out of the country…

Teacher Detained in Kuwait

The complete Katherine Phillips incident.  Stuck in Kuwait, a teacher reaches out to ISR for help…


Thailand is thought to be a paradise, but for one family it was anything but…

Wasted By Wasta

ISR received an email from a teacher unjustly dismissed from their teaching contract while away on summer vacation…

Work & Travel Advisory 2008

Warning about a school in Egypt that does not honor their end of contract obligations…

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