Petition: Quest for Equality & Accountability for International Educators

Emily Dobson, ISR member, counselor and educator, has undertaken the admirable task of contacting recruiters and organizations profiting from International Education. In support of International Teachers, she’s asking recruiters to adopt and endorse the International Educators’ Bill of Rights.

In Emily’s own words: “We need massive changes in the international educational arena, starting with non-negotiables between hiring agencies, accrediting bodies, schools and employees.” 

Here’s one recruiter’s responses to Emily’s request:

We’d be very happy to talk to you about choosing a new school to work for, a daunting prospect. It’s imperative that what is told to you or promised by a school, is fulfilled.

We weren’t aware of the Bill of Rights – but having looked at it, the content is in the majority exactly as we would expect (and ask of) any school attending our events. I’m afraid, though, that the online forum [International Schools Review] who put this together aren’t a respected entity in the sector or authorized body, so we wouldn’t publicly endorse this…

International Schools Review has, since 2003, provided a venue for International Educators to anonymously and honestly review their experiences at International Schools. When a recruiter fails to consider ISR a “respected source,” we can only conclude they do not respect the voices of their very clients. Refusing to commit to a document, the International Educators’ Bill of Rights. that specifically outlines the rights and protections that should be afforded all International Educators, speaks volumes.

Schools that withhold salaries, switch contract terms, substitute poor housing for promised housing, fail to reimburse travel/shipping allowances, renege on health insurance, dishonestly represent their student body or facilities, and/or engage in other dishonest practices are simply not acceptable schools to work for. Such schools do not adhere to the International Educators’ Bill of Rights.

ISR asks:  Will you help support Quality and Accountability in International Education? Please go to Change.Org to sign Emily’s petition and help advance the standing of the International Educators’ Bill of Rights.

About Emily Dobson:  “I was a school counselor and educator for years –  now I am a cooperative counselor (business owner) and delegate Board member for InterACAC and NACAC.  Contextually, my daughter, my experience as an educator, my visits to 40+ schools in Brazil per year and my role as a delegate-counselor with international duties enabled me to understand that we need massive changes in the international educational arena – starting with non-negotiables between hiring agencies, accrediting bodies, schools and employees.”

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4 thoughts on “Petition: Quest for Equality & Accountability for International Educators

  1. All the best, on the other hand I am cynical that any real change will come from this. My experience as a senior leader in 2 middle eastern countries was that complain because your contract changed and we were short changed, bad luck, keep quiet or leave, to put in such passive language in both situations however, so in one we did pack up in the other we sucked it up. Honesty and integrity were not part of their make up and any complaints were just another westerner to make feel uncomfortable until we wear them done treat them and theirs shockingly until they get up and leave. I do believe it is getting worse.

    But all the best to you Emily!


  2. I currently work for a school that I think respects the rights outlined in the ISR document. Perhaps it would be helpful to publicise a current list of schools and organizations that sign the International Educator’s Bill of Rights. I think this would justly celebrate those institutions while also providing another means for teachers to evaluate schools.

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  3. Why don’t you NAME the recruiter or recruiting agency that replied to you thusly? Or do you want us to do it for you? In fact, I wouldn’t trust ANY of the recruiting agencies to act in the interest of mere teachers. Not too long ago, at a recruitment fair in London, I listened to School heads lie through their teeth about living and working conditions in the Middle Eastern country I was coming from, and the recruiters would do nothing about it, despite the complaints. All they care about is money.,8


  4. This is long overdue and congrats to Emily for taking the lead on this. The ¨recruiter¨is clearly paying lip service to the Educator’s Bill of rights, as long as it doesn’t take $$$ from their business or cause them to lose clients, no matter them being not ¨respected entities¨in the educational world. I have continuously promoted the mission to create an international educator’s union or syndicate whose principal objectives would be to:

    1) Protect all their member’s interests and contractual rights,

    2) Act as a resource (one of many) that can intervene on the member’s behalf in a mediative fashion,

    3) A reference source for potential overseas hires seeking clarification and specifics about potential employers and their adherence to the Teachers Bill of rights,

    4) Act as a forum for educators seeking guidelines about how to do due diligence and what to expect/watch out for, when dealing with recruiters and schools.


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