Gems School Scam Alert! (Dec. 2018)

An ISR member reported the following SCAM on December 5, 2018

“I received two e-mails from scammers who present themselves like a GEMS school. They even tried to copy the GEMS website! Here is the scammer’s information as sent to me:

HOD – Recruitment/HR
(Part of the GEM Group of Schools)
TEL/FAX Number: +971 04 3263333-9
DIRECT TELEPHONE Number: +971 523 184491

The real website and the e-mail address are different. DON’T FALL FOR IT! The REAL school’s website is this one:

Here is a copy of the letter I received. I hope this helps teachers avoid this scam.”


8 Responses to Gems School Scam Alert! (Dec. 2018)

  1. Corina says:

    i received the same email twice fake


  2. Alice warui says:

    They sent me same letter today. Scam scam


  3. Anonymous says:

    Same here just got one! 😦 terrible!


  4. tom says:

    I received this letter too.It arrived in my personal email box which surprised me. Fortunately I was already in contract negotiations with another school so I ignored it.


  5. Butterfly says:

    There were a few school names used over the last few years very similar to the real GEMS school. We report it from time to time but they pop up again and again. Different scammers appear all the time. Please note:
    1. GEMS do not advertise in the general ‘gulf’ recruiting websites. They have their own career website and also use other reliable teacher recruitment sites, e.g. Search Associates.
    2. All the domains of the GEMS email addresses (@…) are the same for all their schools. Please check their websites for these when receiving an offer.
    3. Many times the city names are swopped, e.g GEMS American Academy Dubai was advertised last year, which is fake because GAA is in Abu Dhabi, or they spell GEMS as GEM.
    4. If you see a mobile number listed as any of the contact numbers (starting with a ‘5’ as in +971 5) it is fake.

    Hope this helps.


  6. deepshikha patra says:

    This guy also has a linked in profile which has no info but says teacher at GEMS


  7. deepshikha patra says:

    I received the same email. thank you for putting this up


  8. Haider Ali says:

    I also received an offer letter as HOD COMMERCE on 10 decrmber 2018.the offered salary was AED 22700 which is not offered nornally by school.even i received a phone call from Mumtaz nissar who was pretending himself as HOD HR.
    00971525269602 it was number from which i received a call.i asked one of my friend to confirm this school and cell number who finally informed me this is fake HR a days most of Pakistani people are receiving such emails from the same email.


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