How Much Do Administrators Earn?

If you’ve been contemplating a move into administration, you already know a Google search yields little information in regards to what international school admins earn. That is, except for the obvious, “Administrators earn more than teachers.” How much more? is our question… 

ISR is asking for your help in attaching a general $$ amount to Director and/or Principal positions around the globe.

With at least a ballpark dollar figure to work with, teachers, with an eye on becoming an admin, can decide if the effort and monetary outlay to earn an admin credential will be worth the investment. Additionally, a more strenuous job search, plus additional responsibilities and work hours will need to be weighed against the potential pay hike.

If you have knowledge of admin salaries at your current, or previous schools, please Share that information here and help those colleagues who are contemplating a move into administration make an informed decision. You can also post requests for admin salary levels at specific schools and check back later for a reply.

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32 Responses to How Much Do Administrators Earn?

  1. dianeschumacher says:

    You can search the salaries of administrators in independent schools by name or by the name of the school. Here is the site:


  2. Victoria says:

    Administration Dean. 65,000 which is less than some Stem teaching salaries. I clues housing, meals, healthcare etc.


  3. Anon says:

    Assistant Principal at a school in Africa US$3,100 + housing etc.


  4. Anonymous says:

    HOS in big international schools in SEAsia make $300,000-$400,000 the deputy head makes $250,000-$300,000 and principals make $180,000-250,000 USD!!! INSANE RIGHT????? BUt true.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Beijing head of student life-140 k usd


  6. Mona says:

    In Egypt : Foreigners 120K EGP per month
    Egyptians 30 – 40k EGP
    It’s a huge gap.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    New Director of Deira International School Dubai
    AED 112K per month ($31K)+AED 1/2 Million ($ 137K) bonus per year + housing + car + family perks, heard that this is the highest in UAE.


  8. Michelle says:

    Mumbai, India: Head of Primary $90,000 (rupee equivlent): free accommodation, utilities, flights, medical, places for children.

    Freeport, Bahamas: Head of Primary: $46,000 (tax exempt): accommdation stipend, flights (employee only); medical (employee only), free places for children.


  9. Anonymous says:

    150, 000 USD per year. Hardship post. Corporation schools.


  10. Anonymous says:

    yes, per month as a regular teacher salary is between 80kTHB to 150kTHB.

    Guys, you should also indicate what a regular teacher earns so that we can make the comparison. 🙂

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Saudi Arabia – school of between 2500 and 3000 children with an average school fee of 50 000 per child

    Director 40000 to 50000 SAR
    Head of School 35000 to 40 000 SAR
    Head of Department (Secondary/Middle and Upper School or Primary) 25000 to 35000 SAR
    Deputy Head 18000 to 23 000 SAR
    Coordinator 15000 to 18000 SAR
    Teacher Foreign Hire 11000 to 15000 SAR
    Teacher Local Hire 5000 to 11000 SAR
    Support staff 3500 to 8000 SAR
    Cleaners 2000 to 3500 SAR
    Some teachers negotiate outside these bands and will find themselves jobless sooner than others as they become too expensive and greedy.
    Above example is real and is a true reflection of the huge pay gap between the lowest ranking and the highest ranking members on the staff.


  12. InHongKong says:

    Mid-range school of 650 students in Hong Kong. $175K US with annual flights for family, health, contract completion bonus and mandatory Hong Kong retirement savings plan which is available when leaving Hong Kong. Full Tuition for any children.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Principal in Kuwait around £100k including all benefits. VP UAE around £80k. Head of Secondary Budapest around £50k and well worth the salary drop for quality of school and life. Corruption in Middle East schools just not worth the money, IMHO!


  14. Korea Info says:

    Small school in South Korea 250-275 enrollment K-12, Principal whole school, 90K USD a year, car, housing, etc…

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Utahloy IS Guangzhou
    Head of school ?
    Head of Secondary/Primary mainscale +60000RMB non teaching
    IB Coordinator mainscale +40000RMB+70% release
    Assistant Head mainscale +40000RMB non teaching
    HOY/HOD mainscale +20000RMB + 20% release


    • InChina says:

      I am assistant principal at a small IS in China. I am at 40000RMB/month includes all benefits. It is about 15-20k off where I think it should be.


  16. Cali11 says:

    UAE Abu Dhabi 20,000aed – 30,000aed /month plus housing


    • Anonymous says:

      Depends on the school. A reputable international school in Dubai and Abu Dhabi pays a principal 50-60k AED (13k-16k USD) tax free per month with 225,000 AED accommodation allowance annually, car and driver, flights and health. These are ethically run schools. I worked there for 7 years and never had issues.


      • Anonymous says:

        Things are changing in Dubai now. Almost impossible to get more than one school place per member of staff for children. Heads/Principals can negotiate but not like before.
        Head of school housing of 150,000aed is pretty standard, and salary from 25-35k per month(aed).

        Gone are the days of heads on 65k plus 250k housing (aed).


  17. Anonymous says:

    Kuwait. Assistant Principal 15,000KD starting with MA and 0 years experience. Principal 22,000KD starting.


  18. The Grump says:

    Low tier school Bangkok 190kThb plus usual benefits
    Larger low tier school Bangkok 220k plus usual benefits and car plus bonus
    Low tier mid sized school Bangkok 290k plus benefits
    Mid tier school Bangkok 330k plus 45k housing plus annual bonus of one month usual benefits and car
    Large high end new school Bangkok 500k plus benefits.


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