Summer Vacation International Educator Style

Summer is perfect for making plans and with almost 3 full months of work-free days ahead, there’s plenty of time to fit in a variety of adventures.

Along with a trip home to visit family and friends, you could explore your host country or some far distant land you’ve always wanted to visit.

You might even decide to just stay put, unwind from a hectic school year, and immerse yourself in the host country’s culture. With colleagues/students/families/admin out of the country, your overseas experience will take on a whole new dimension. The options are many!

ISR invites you to take our short Survey and see how international educators are spending their summer breaks. If you’d like to elaborate, please scroll below the Survey and Share your thoughts.

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4 Responses to Summer Vacation International Educator Style

  1. Overseas Teache4r says:

    I typically travel at least a few days in my host country. However, last year was a change in schools and I only had 4 weeks. This year it’s 6 weeks, so besides taking a week long class for re-certification credit, I must catch up on visiting friends I couldn’t see last year.


  2. tallteacher111 says:

    I’m having a church wedding in Mexico in July (my current country), and will then visit with friends and family/travel in the US a bit before flying to China to start a new contract mid-August. Pretty much a normal transition year, except this time the wedding will be mine.


  3. Mike says:

    where is the section for people who “will backing up their lives into assorted boxes and packaging and travelling to our next destination and unpacking into a new opportunity? 🙂

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    • Anonymous says:

      This is where I’m at. My summer will be incredibly hectic with packing out of my current host country, heading home to take of moving my possessions from one storage option to another, finding a renter for my home, attending a high school reunion, attending a training session for my next job, and then flying to my next host country. There will be very little “summer vacation” for me, but I will be able to spend some quality time with various family members.


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