A Gift that Keeps On Giving YOU

When I first moved overseas to teach in the early ’90s, landline phones and ‘snail mail’ were the only options we International Educators had to stay in touch with family and friends back home.

Problem was, calls home were prohibitively expensive, and when I could afford them, all I heard was an impersonal, distant voice on the other end of the line. As for ‘snail mail,’ by the time it arrived, if at all, life had seriously moved on. Maintaining relationships through the miles was so much more difficult back then…

Fortunately, all that has changed! Thanks to technology, last night I read my granddaughter a book over Skype. We laughed and giggled and shared a moment together. A few times a week I send loved ones photos and voice mails. I share my far-flung adventures, in and out of school and we often chat in real time. They keep me up-to-date on the happenings in their lives as well — videos of middle school concerts, athletic events, family get-togethers and the kids’ goofy mishaps await me nearly daily. I feel like I am part of their lives, and I am! I’ve discovered that, yes, it really is possible to venture out around the globe while maintaining close relationships back home.

These days, when I return home for the summer or holidays I’m no longer the distant family member dropping in temporarily from overseas. Through technology, it’s almost like I never left. This holiday season and all year ’round, give the gift of YOU.  Nothing says I love you and I’m thinking of you more than staying in close, personal touch.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from International Schools Review

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