Name Your School & Comment on their Response to Covid-19. Let’s Keep Each Other Informed

Firsthand accounts that describe how individual International Schools treat teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic will help us ALL to make informed career choices in the future. Schools which put teachers’ safety and well-being ahead of profits are schools where we all want to work.

Let’s help each other identify schools that we can depend on to support teachers in times like these. ISR invites you to Name Your School and tell colleagues about the support, or lack of support, your School is currently providing teachers in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is All About.

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170 thoughts on “Name Your School & Comment on their Response to Covid-19. Let’s Keep Each Other Informed

  1. Canadian International School Bangalore cut all pay 14 – 20%. Even if you are teaching a full load and your classes all have a full roster. This was done a month AFTER classes started, which begs the question of their level of reactivity rather than proper proactive financial planning.


  2. Shanghai American School has laid off some current faculty and furloughed others, pulled the contracts of some new hire teachers and reduced salary 20% for teachers that are out of country and 80% for TAs. The school was open, communicative and supportive through the first 5-6 months but silent, blunt and threatening over the past 1-2 when working with their staff who were overseas. It was a rather eye opening and disappointing experience. Somehow “assuming positive intentions” was left behind as time passed.


  3. Cairo English School

    As instructed by the MoE we started online learning on Sept. 1 and have been allowed to bring students back on Sept. 15 with a MAXIMUM of 20 students in the class.

    Other schools in the area are bringing HALF the class back for one week and then bringing the other HALF in the following week. This will carry on until they feel the need to change. It also means approximately 13 students in the class at one time.

    Not at CES. Odd numbered year groups will come in one week and even numbered year groups will come in the following week, which means there will be anywhere from 26-28 students jammed into small classrooms. 2 students sitting together at a 5′ table with 4 tables in a row side by side.

    Parents have been told that safety is the #1 priority however they are not allowed into the school to see how the classrooms are set up.

    Rumour has it that this so-called Phase 2 that we are in will last for only 1.5 weeks and then ALL students will be brought back to school. That will be exciting…..and a disaster.

    And, on a separate note, during the last couple months of last year, there were THREE POSITIVE cases at the school. Were the staff made aware of this information? NO WAY!!! The fact that management didn’t tell the staff about this is absolutely appalling!!!

    Not a great start to the year.


  4. St. Andrew’s School in Nassau, The Bahamas
    Principal: Gordon McKenzie

    We endured a very strange few months from March onwards. Not only did the country itself close down for many months, but as expected St. Andrew’s School did as well. We changed over to online learning and parents and pupils talked about how much they appreciated what we did. The school furloughed some support staff during this time, and we teachers kept watching to see what changes Gordon McKenzie and the school would make.

    During the summer, everything was quiet, and then we arrived back to be told that we would have to take a pay cut, because the student numbers were low. We also lost our health insurance that is paid by the school. Some of us were told only last week (August 17th) that we were being furloughed! Nobody knows when that furlough will stop, either. What we also understand is that McKenzie is bringing in two of his friends in January, so we feel insulted having to deal with these cuts, but clearly there is money in the budget for him to bring in his friends.

    Lyford Cay and Windsor School are also in this island. Anyone there who can talk about what’s going on at your place? We would love to compare notes!


    1. Lyford Cay has stayed online the whole time. No cases of Covid in their school. The principal at Windsor Prep named Ben Fox tells people that Lyford is jealous that Windsor is open. However, Ben released information today taht Windsor prep has a positive Covid case. The funny thing is that the whole community already knew about this, and also knows about the other cases that the school is keeping quiet. Ben and his girlfriend Lesley Owens are the principal and vice principal of the school so they know what is said outside.

      Windsor’s Albany site is now run by Dr Mark P Ott. Mark replaced Gerry Young this year and has also changed the whole curriculum, brough his friend in to be his vice principal and has lost a lot of staff. Between the 2 schools, at least 8 members of staff have quit. Neither of the schools invited teachers to return in the fall 2020 until the end of June, which put people in bad situations. Albany has 2 Covid cases in the school, and sent home most of the students. They are also covering over students who are positive but not reported to parents. With the new Covid case at the elementary school, it will effect the Albany site, because the positive case in elementary has siblings at Albany.


  5. The American International School of Guangzhou has exceeded my every expectation. Administration has been supportive and empathetic. Pay has remained the same and all new hires still have their jobs. Such a relief! I’m sorry for all who have had hard situations.

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