Summer Travels

If you’d asked me about my summer travel plans last year, I’d have told you about my itinerary for a Thailand dive-trip followed by a brief detour to see the folks back home. But…that was last summer. This summer, in the shadow of COVID-19, there’s so much more to consider than just how much traveling I can afford.

On the bright side, borders have been reopening. This should be encouraging except…a growing refusal to wear masks and an obvious failure to social distance is causing a serious COVID resurgence. With borders sure to reclose, I’m concerned about being banned from entering my host country if I leave for the summer, thereby putting my job at risk. The EU just blocked entry to US citizens due to the virtually unbridled spread of the virus in America. Other countries seem likely to follow suit.

Watching TV news I was disappointed to see airlines failing to enforce social distancing or the wearing of masks. I don’t want to unknowingly become an asymptomatic COVID carrier, infecting friends, family and everyone else around me, let alone becoming ill myself. I’m thinking that my best plans for the summer may be no travel at all.

As much as I’d love to take full advantage of the remaining summer months, a nagging little voice inside my head is telling me differently. I’m sure International Educators around the world are facing the same dilemma. It would be much appreciated if ISR could provide a place for us to share thoughts about making plans for the remaining summer months, and the reasoning that led to their final decision.

Travel Bug blues

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7 thoughts on “Summer Travels

  1. My wife and I decided to stay in our host country rather than risk losing our jobs in August. We are very fortunate though because we currently live in Bali, and while the lack of tourism is leaving many destitute, the beauty of the island can be seen again. We have 20-year old kids and they are at university in the States. So, that part is killing both of us, it will be at least 11 months without seeing them in person. Thank goodness for snapchat, zoom, and whatsapp. It is also easy and fast to travel to various parts of the island and the people here are quite good about following the rules regarding masks, not gathering, social distancing, etc.


  2. Right now I firmly believe that the next time our family will leave China’s borders will be next summer when we plan to look for new positions. This is also something that could change, with so much uncertainty it may be foolish to leave a secure decently paying job for somewhere unknown.
    The psychological impact of this is huge. As international teachers, one of our reason for living this lifestyle is the planning and promise of new destinations and adventures during the breaks. This looking forward is what keeps us in good spirits throughout the school term, and now it’s gone. Now we are looking at really getting to know the region we live in so all is not lost!


    1. I feel the same! We were meant to leave China this summer for a new position, but things were too risky and we were lucky to be able to stay on at our school here. We want to try to leave again next year, but I’m not confident that there will be many opportunities. We have resigned ourselves to not leaving China until next summer – hopefully!


    2. My husband and I are the same. We are also stuck in China due to Covid 19. We had planned to go home to the UK in March to see our new grandson and the rest of our family but we had to cancel our plans because of Covid. Unfortunately, like many others, we have also had to stay in our Host country, China, firstly, we still have one more year of our contract plus if we left China for the summer break, we would not be able to re-enter due to the restrictions on foreigners entering China and would therefore lose our jobs. However, we will try to make the most of China whilst we are still here.


  3. I certainly would not want to take the risk of leaving my host country and then being blocked from coming back in because of changes in border crossing policies. This summer I will focus on domestic travel, getting to know my host country & city better, and working on projects at home (you know, the ones that you don’t do during the school year because “there’s just not enough time!”).


  4. Many ITs are staying incountry this summer – safer, cheaper, and easier than trying to go home, quarantine for 14 days, return to work country, quarantine for 14 days, all for a month at home? It doesn’t make sense – and that’s IF flights are returning to work countries.


    1. It’s a sad fact that I’ve had to come to terms with. Travelling in my holidays meant the only chance to see my family and by that I mean my children and grandchildren. If I had been told at the beginning of my contract that there would be a high probability that I wouldn’t be able to see them for a year, I might not have taken the chance. As things are and with the risk of not being able to make it back to my host country, I had to make the difficult decision to stay. Now, I can only hope that I will be able to leave for Christmas but can’t hide my increasing concern.


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