The New American President’s Effect on International Education

On January 20th, a new American President, Joe Biden, was inaugurated into office. America’s relationship with the world is about to change. In YOUR opinion, will the hand-off of power in America help or hinder the average Western International educator’s image in the eyes of host country nationals? Take our short Survey.

As an International Educator, I believe the new American president will:

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10 thoughts on “The New American President’s Effect on International Education

  1. I am not American and work in a British-style international school but I am also not British so I do not think either of options A or B apply to me. International education does not equal US-style international schools only. A very American-centric survey purporting to be “international”.


    1. DJT and his WH total mess. Couldn’t do anything to help Americans let alone the US image around the world. Nothing but all that is bad about America. From Education to every other indicator the US goes from first to Last.


  2. ISR putting out an ‘either or’ survey; pick only A or B. My students can help with your design and writing. Our education system needs to build higher level thinking skills and promote analysis, evaluation, creativity, synthesis… Teachers unions in America are the biggest promoters of low level thinking.
    To truly help children, help them build good attitude, work habits, social skills etc. Show them to make themselves powerful and not be anxious about who the president is. Many teachers are stuck in victimhood and have intense anxiety about who is in the White House.

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  3. The first steps Mr. Biden took on his first day indicated that the so called “America First” program of the previous administration actually put us last, but it also skewed the thinking that we Americans were no longer part of the international community. International schools prepare students for the total world community. The new administration’s policies will strengthen that concept to the benefit of international students and to those returning to or coming to the US to continue their education.


  4. Basically, it can’t hurt to have the orange baboon out of the White supremacist House that he created. However, US teachers will still be seen as a commodity for cash-cow international schools who rely on the American teachers’ whiteness and command of English to promote their recruitment prospects. I specifically mentioned the skin colour of American teachers because a person of colour or a black man or woman will not be valued as much as a white male US teacher, since racism is inherent in far too many so-called ¨international¨ schools despite their pseudo-moral educational mission statements pretending to encourage diversity, international relations and inclusion in their school and worldwide. IF, and that is a big IF, the new administration can help improve the teaching conditions and security for men and women in the US, can upgrade their teacher training, increase the compensation packages across the board, and revive the quality of public educational institutions, then MAYBE, just MAYBE the world will start taking the US educational system seriously again. One can only hope, since most of the above issues are state ones and the Feds have little control over those. What will go a long way to improving the image of the US in all areas will be if the US can improve the level of education and the social and civic attitudes of the Trump supporters, whose Neanderthal behaviour and fundamentalist, racist, misogynistic, chauvinism and exceptionalism have damaged America’s image profoundly, overseas.


    1. Many Chinese schools, for example, are actively recruiting women…because there’s a lack of depth/talent coming in, especially in the STEM areas.

      It’s much easier to find English/Lit or Business teachers who are female, for example.

      From an individual int. school perspective, many students will (once again) be more open to attending college/university in the US due to the fact that the visa process won’t be nearly as burdensome, and anti-immigrant/Covid-19 stuff will be toned down quite a bit and it will be MUCH easier to stay in the US upon graduation to do those OPT (optical practical training) and internship programs, with hopes of securing a full-time position and possibly citizenship way down the line.

      More students will start taking AP courses as well, since the SAT is eliminating the essay component as well as many of the subject matter tests…so students earning AP credits will naturally try to take advantage of that “savings” which allows them to bypass many general requirement courses and graduate in 3 or 3 1/2 years instead of 4-5.


      From a Covid-19 perspective, things have definitely shifted away from the UK…if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine lives up to its promise (1 dosage vs. 2), then the US will have three viable vaccines and a much higher likelihood of outracing the UK Covid 19 mutation that’s 50% more transmissible and finally getting on top of this problem no later than late spring, and certainly before Fall/Winter semester begins in August and September this year. That’s yet another factor to consider.

      Of course, with rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, WHO, eventually the TPTA…the US will LIKELY attempt to work with allies or friendlier countries to build a coalition in order to contain the advance of China’s interests, particularly in technology and military applications. Germany and the Netherlands are going to have to pick “sides” on issues like 5G at some point. By the way, this is already coming up in the pending EU-China trade agreement, as “human rights” issues are back to the forefront after being largely ignored for four years by the more transactional Trump administration.


    2. nothing more valued than a young (and preferably white) FEMALE teacher. Just by the virtue of your gender, you are automatically in the back seat of the car. Oh and if you’re young white female and even reasonably attractive, the educational world is your oyster.

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  5. America is only one piece in the education puzzle. They have a huge agenda to fix their K-12 system, both from a budgetary and human resource perspective. Their teacher education also requires further refurbishment as it isn’t as rigorous as the one in the U.K. Due to poor compensation, the best of American talent typically ends up in technology or finance sector. One fallout I perceive of the new administration is that if they really implement what they promised and hike teachers’ pay, we’ll have fewer American educators competing overseas.
    My only plea to international school administrators of U.S. origin is not to highlight the American narrative as your job is propagate internationalism, not just a single-country agenda. Speak to the entire community, not a single nationality.


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