Your CV/Résumé Beyond Words

How many pages should a résumé/CV be? What about a cover letter? Should a résumé be 1 page and the cover letter 2? Or is it the reverse? And what about references? Do references belong on a separate sheet or do you even include them? All of this may be worth considering but none of it will make or break the deal because ultimately, you need to stand out, and today more than ever! Here’s how…

Competition is stiff this Recruiting season. As a result of Covid, borders have closed and the market appears flooded with teachers who would have otherwise returned to their positions. All things being equal, your résumé and cover letter are YOUR first and best opportunity to display unique capabilities and that special something that makes YOU the best candidate for the job. After all, teaching requires creativity. Show them you have it!

An internet search quickly yields hundreds of clever, catchy résumé and cover letter designs. It’s good to know what’s out there and what the competition is up to, but adopting the flavor-of-the-month, hook, line and sinker, could cast you to the bottom of the pool along with the rest of the copy cats. More importantly, how unique can you appear within the confines of someone else’s creation?

We’re all unique in our own special way and it’s that incomparability that makes us attractive to recruiters. Take chances and don’t be afraid to get creative with your résumé and cover letter. Let your personality leap off the page! Color a little outside the lines. When recruiters see what makes you unique beyond words and format, it’s obvious why you’re a great teacher and the perfect candidate for the job.

ISR asks: How do YOU tweak your résumé with an infusion of creativity?

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6 thoughts on “Your CV/Résumé Beyond Words

  1. I engaged the services of someone who is both an AMAZING middle school teacher and technical writer. After her reworking of my resume, I got multiple interviews and four offers within a week.


  2. I hired a graphic designer to help me with a fabulous unique resume that gets me lots of attention. I’ve been told repeatedly is the best resume they’ve ever seen! Don’t be afraid to spend some money. It’s well worth it!


  3. I want to change up my CV. It has been the same format for years and I want it to really bring attention and highlight what recruiters are looking for. Excited to here what others are doing….


  4. While resumés (well thought out, succinct and salient) are one arrow in a job seeker’s quiver, they are far from the most important. Nothing replaces a personal, face-to-face (or Zoom to Zoom) meeting and also nothing supports an application more favourably than profound and precise research and due diligence. A well-timed phone conversation when possible, a carefully crafted video, an excellent Facebook or website presence, honest, timely and thoughtful and eclectic (parents,ex-students, colleagues etc.)references, as well as an assertive, confident, well-prepared approach to being hired are fundamental strategies to be considered seriously. Far too many job-seekers forget that they are actually career searchers and that unmitigated hyperbole and an inability to discuss their strengths AND limitations can be fatal….especially if they are in writing.


    1. True, but it’s your resume and cover letter that get you those things. I’ve been on enough search committees to see candidates not make it past the initial screening because of typos, misspelling or poor layout. First impressions matter.


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