Covid Vaccinated Status on Your CV?

Could including a Covid Vaccination statement on YOUR CV be a boost to your candidacy as an International Educator? We can’t predict the future, but it may be wise to stay one step ahead of what appears to be on the horizon.

Before you dismiss the idea, Consider the following:

  • More and more countries are instituting quarantine requirements for unvaccinated arrivals. As such, we could soon see an addendum to teaching Contracts that reads, “If not fully vaccinated upon arrival, teacher will assume all quarantine-associated costs.”
  • It has been rumored job descriptions may soon include a Vaccination requirement. Although a COVID Vaccination may not yet be a school requirement, countries could begin rejecting Visa applications of unvaccinated foreign educators.
  • The effort and expense associated with finding a teacher to replace an unvaccinated teacher, one who could fall sick after arrival, will surely lead schools to begin giving preference to vaccinated candidates.
  • For marketing reasons, schools may decide to advertise their staff as 100% vaccinated.

Considering schools receive hundreds of applications for posted positions, ISR asks: At this point in the COVID pandemic, would a COVID Vaccinated statement on your CV help support your desirability as a teaching candidate in upcoming recruiting seasons? Could proof of vaccination help assure continued employment at your current school?

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20 thoughts on “Covid Vaccinated Status on Your CV?

  1. For some people commenting it would be wrong/illegal/unethical to ask this from teachers, some schools may not have an option. Some countries are already requiring vaccinations just to enter as a tourist. So, it would make sense that they will only grant working visas only to people vaccinated. Countries can grant or deny a visa for any reason they want. Even if they won’t outright say it is because you don’t have a vaccine, they may deny you for that reason even if they don’t say so.
    International teaching has just gotten even trickier!


  2. ISR is actively censoring reasonable comments on this subject. It seems that they don’t support education and the free exchange of ideas.

    *** ISR Editor Note: Posts that stray from the topic are removed. Posts that attack other posters are removed. Posts that attempt to hijack the topic are removed. This would explain why we removed your post(s).

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  3. I’m not entirely sure whether placing your vaccination card on your CV would help or hurt, but I will say that in looking for jobs over the last few months and speaking with HR representatives, COVID is very much a player in decisions. Many countries’ governments have limited or completely shut down any new visas being issues for next school year, so this drastically reduces the number of teachers eligible for a particular job. My family would love to move to Singapore and secure a position there, but it is even stated on the application page now that the position is only available “for those already residing in Singapore.” So, although my husband and I are both fully vaccinated, placing it on our CV still wouldn’t help us now. For this reason, we are staying in our current country.


  4. Although I have been vaccinated, the country where I live has no intention of giving out Covid passports and I would imagine this is going to be a problem in many places. Employers need to think carefully before they decide anything.


    1. Hi Keith,

      Where do you live (if you do not mind saying)? Looking for a country with the mild approach to covid.


  5. I am way ahead here, I opened this up to one of the discussion boards and I added that to my resume back in March! I definitely think it would make a difference in hiring given the variety of regulations faced in each country.

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    1. Many countries in the Middle East require a negative HIV test to work there. Should we normalise putting our HIV status on our CV too. Personally I think we’re educated people and we can do better than this!

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    2. It is an unfortunate truth right now and visa authorities have tightened restrictions due to Covid. If it helps someone procure a position, as it will facilitate ease of entry, I don’t see a problem with it. You put your pictures on your cv’s (even though some are saying not to now-but employers still ask), that could also be viewed as obtrusive, much like the HIV/Hepatitis (negative) testing needed for so many countries to grant a visa.

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  6. I’m fully vaccinated with the Chinese Sino-vac. Given the origin of Covid-19, is that a blessing or. Curse? How do other countries consider China? Will they trust the vaccines that I’ve had?

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    1. That is what I had. My school set it up for us in January and it was free. Besides me, only one Chinese teacher and one foreign teacher went to get it. Everyone else didn’t trust it. But I am staying in China and already got another job in China for next year, as I mentioned in my other post. I probably won’t go back to visit the US until July 2022 and it is hard to say if what I have will be good enough there. Another question would be good enough for what? Since it will be 18 month since my last shot at that time, I would guess it would be time for another anyway by then.


    2. @Mike. It wasn’t available to foreigners in Beijing until about 6 weeks ago. Pretty much all of our staff have opted to get it. I’ll admit I was hesitant at first. We don’t know what the long term side effects might be, if any. But I figured eventually I wouldn’t be allowed to travel without it, so I got it.


  7. I sent a picture of my vac certificate along with other docs when I applied to a new job a few months ago. I got the job, but I am not sure that helped or not since it was never discussed.

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  8. Good idea! It hadn’t occurred to me that letting schools know I’m fully vaccinated, right up front, could help my chances with a new school. My current school has not yet required us to vaccinate for this academic year, which thank God is about over. I’m pretty sure they will ask us to get vaccinated over the Summer months and probably make it a requirement for continued employment. I have no problem with that.

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    1. They can’t make it a requirement since all the vaccines are still under clinical trial until early 2023. Under international law it’s illegal to make anyone take part in clinical trials. That’s due to the legal trials against doctors that took place after World War II. It would be a massive red flag to me if a school forced you to take part in clinical trials to secure a job. If you want the vaccine that’s your choice but surely as teachers we need to be supporting body autonomy.

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    2. oxmisssunshinxo – a good point, but sometimes it’s not the school’s choice. If a country makes it a requirement of a visa, or sets it up so having the vaccine makes it more likely to get a visa, then schools might find that they have to balance asking the question and putting some people off with going down a recruitment process which might result in a dead end.


    3. @oxmissunshinexo. Good to know. I’ve been vaccinated, but I was expecting any day to hear that I would have to have my child vaccinated to send her to school and while I feel old enough to not be so concerned about possible long term effects, I am concerned about making that choice for my child. I believe in vaccinations, but I don’t feel comfortable yet about how little we know about these. At least not when it comes to my child.


    4. This is what happens when common sense is not so common. They cannot make it law. If a school decides to do so then this is most certainly not the kind of school I want to work for if it practices this level of coercion. Imagine what that teaches children.

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    5. oxmisssunshinexo you seem to be confusing the granting the EUA with the lack of clinical trials and the longitudinal clinical trials which are a part of any vaccine development with the fact that the vaccines have not yet met the clinical standards required for distribution. The vaccines have met the required clinical trial standards, they just did a lot of the stages concurrently with far more resources so they could be proven quicker. Most vaccines have completed phase 3 and entering the longitudinal phase 4

      This can be seen here :

      You may also consider what could be the much larger death rate than the current estimate and the prevalence and impact of long covid. The economists model show that possibly 10 million have died and 14% of people who have caught covid suffering some form of long covid. You seem to be focusing on statistically small concerns over vaccines which have as stated above gone through rigorous trials vs the much larger health impacts of covid

      As teachers, concerns of the public good based on rigorous science should be what we push or is it just the right of the individual to free ride and harm the public good based on misunderstanding under the name of autonomy which should be promoted?


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