Your Director Doesn’t Know ANYone at ISR

International Schools Review occasionally receives emails from teachers asking if their school Director really has a ‘friend’ at ISR, a ‘friend’ who will reveal the identity of the person who wrote a negative School Review.

Fact: Your School Director does not know ANYONE at ISR

For starters, claiming to have a ‘contact at ISR’ is a hollow bluff. Secondly, all School Reviews on ISR come to us through our anonymous Review form. We don’t know the source of any given Review. Nor do we care to know! When we say your anonymity is guaranteed, we mean it!

Administrators and school owners, however, have gone so far as to not only claim they have a ‘friend’ at ISR, but to actually bring in an attorney whose job it is to extract a ‘confession’ from suspect teachers. Fortunately, no matter what a school Admin or attorney may claim, unless information in a Review points directly to themselves as the author, an author’s identity is completely anonymous. That being said, it does go without saying that using a school computer or the school’s WIFI to compose a School Review is certainly not advisable in protecting one’s anonymity.

ISR encourages schools to respond to any Review they find objectionable. Their reply and/or rebuttal is then attached to the conclusion of the designated Review. Teachers tell us they find ISR a safe place to have an open dialogue with their school. Confronted with one or more poor Reviews, some schools welcome that information as a basis for making positive changes. There’s lots to be gained by ALL parties when schools and teachers work together for the greater good.

Conversely, from excerpts of a letter sent to ISR, below, a site Member shows us what can happen when communication falls short:

Dear ISR, Your readers should know what’s going on here at Seoul International School. Last week, in reaction to some not-so-good reviews that appeared on ISR, our Director, Michael Colaianni, sent out a memo saying he has involved the “Cyber Police” in an investigation into possible cyber crimes against SIS. He says they will be teaming up with “US Authorities” to find the source of these posts and feel confident they can find and prosecute the people who wrote the reviews….

Have you ever heard of such a thing as the “Cyber Police?” Why would US authorities team up with Korean Police in a matter that concerns a school in Korea? I don’t know what to think!


It takes courage to contribute a School Review to ISR when the school in question has a history of trying to ferret out and punish Review writers. For this very reason, some teachers wait until they are well away from their school before composing their Review. International Schools Review is ALL About International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed!

Rest Assured:
Your Director does not know anyone at ISR.
ISR is unable to identify the author of any Review.

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8 thoughts on “Your Director Doesn’t Know ANYone at ISR

  1. Wow! I interviewed with SIS for the coming year but read the recent reviews on ISR and am glad that I didn’t pursue it. Sounds very toxic. It’s sad because I think it used to have a good reputation. Bullying and trying to scare people is no way to run a school.


  2. Seoul International School and Michael Colaianni, making themselves look like the biggest joke ever. I urge everyone to go read the reviews on the school. Pathetic.

    I am just going to re-highlight what was said in the article above as I think it’s very important. DO NOT EVER read or login to ISR on your school network. Do it from home.


  3. ISR is registered in the US and I would think therefore falls under their defamation laws? If it is true and you can back it up, type away.
    At least this discussion topic has not been invaded with those ‘pinch of salt’, ‘disgruntled teacher’ and ‘entitled expat’ comments, that weak admin and leadership like to post about. I also believe you have to stick to events and facts, not baseless character assassinations.
    There are nasty little horror stories out there and we need to weedle them out and hold leaders accountable, whilst saving our colleagues.

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    1. Do we or do we not enjoy freedom of speech and belief anywhere we go to teach? I can understand in dictatorial countries like China and russia, saying something against the current government can and will get you into trouble BUT the school leadership does NOt enjoy dictatorial powers, regardless of how they pretend to.


  4. Lofty mission statements that include claims like, “we aspire” to create “critical thinkers, and then go on witch hunts to find review writers, should include in their mission statement that employees of the school are prohibited from practicing this skill. LOL

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  5. Some people living and working on an international school’s campus have no alternative but to use the school’s platform to warn others against a dangerous choice of employment. Of course, they could go off-campus to write a review, but I assure you that in several places where I’ve worked the local cyber cafe honcho is completely down with ratting out an expatriate dissident. That’s why I advise ALL dissidents against their international school employers to wait until they’re safely home in their home countries. Remember, also, that putting one’s name on an expose makes it far more serious. But wait until you’re at home in America, where libel laws demand that the person alleging defamation must prove that what’s been said isn’t true.


  6. THAT IS a huge load of BS. There are no Cyber Police that will investigate ISR and any actual US Authorities to team up with. Who would that be? INTERPOL? The CIA, FBI? really? From a Korean school? He must really think people are stupid. He could try to file a liable suit or slander but again, it’s just a big bluff and intimidation tactic. Everyone at the school hopefully is aware of this behavior from the director.

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  7. Intimidation, falsehoods, pressure tactics, bullying and other inhumane tactics that weak and incompetent administrators desperately resort to to try and silence their critics and the justified criticisms these bad administrators fear so deeply, are powerless against the guaranteed anonymity and protection of telling the truth!


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