Teacher Trap in Paradise

  Hello ISR, Your latest Newsletter Article, ISS VP Looks Back to the Future of International  Education, brought back some not-so-fond memories of my brief “Directorship” in Guatemala. When Mr. Ambrogi stresses the need to support and encourage small, locally owned schools my guess is he isn’t referring to quite the situation, and/or school, I found myself in. … Continue reading Teacher Trap in Paradise

Absolute Must Do’s Before Departing

..Our previous newsletter, You Can’t Take Everything, invited International Educators to share what they consider the absolute must-pack-&-bring items for an overseas move. Advice included provisions you wouldn’t readily think to take along. Here’s a sample: ♦ Extra socks & underwear. Even though they may be manufactured in your new location, they may not be worn or … Continue reading Absolute Must Do’s Before Departing

What Directors Look For in International Teaching Candidates

ISR asked School Directors to tell us what makes a successful International Teaching Candidate. Whether you’re hitting the recruiting trail for the first time, or a seasoned recruiting-fair veteran, Here’s what you should know to make recruiting season a success! We’ve posted the top three responses that sum it all up Director 1 I look for … Continue reading What Directors Look For in International Teaching Candidates

Dipping Into Savings Hurts

..Location, Location, Location! This real estate adage couldn’t be any more true than in the world of International Teaching. Depending on where you are in the world, you CAN literally starve on a salary considered fantastic back home. Or conversely, you CAN live like royalty on an income so low you wouldn’t even consider it back home. ..An important, … Continue reading Dipping Into Savings Hurts

Will Taking That Photo Land You in Prison?

..As Westerners residing & teaching overseas it’s easy to slip into believing we are somehow exempt from many of the realities to which host nationals are subject. In some instances this is most definitely true. But when it comes to the laws of the land, we are deceiving ourselves if we think we’re exempt. Teachers will … Continue reading Will Taking That Photo Land You in Prison?

Going International with Health Issues

Finding yourself overseas, cut off from meds and treatments you need is an emergency best avoided. So…If you live with a chronic health condition requiring periodic medical care and/or daily medication, do take the time to research medical procedures and medications available in what may soon become your new host country. Diabetes, hyper-tension, high cholesterol … Continue reading Going International with Health Issues

Us and Them – A Redneck Muslim Teacher’s Perspective on Racism in International Schools

This article is part of an earlier Blog. We feature it here for your comment. Let me begin by stating that I am a full-blooded Texan with redneck roots (not to say that I’m proud of that latter part of the description).  Despite that, I am a convert to Islam and fairly observant in my … Continue reading Us and Them – A Redneck Muslim Teacher’s Perspective on Racism in International Schools

Terms Of Use

Terms of Use We don’t care much for “legalese”,  but as the ISR Web Site grew from its small beginnings in 2003, a myriad of unforeseen situations have arrisen. In an effort to clarify our position on just about everything related to this Web Site, we offer the following: Please understand the following terms and … Continue reading Terms Of Use