What’s On YOUR Mind?

..We’re doing something different this week. Something we’ve never done before and that should be of real benefit to our readers. We’ve created a space on this page and invite YOU, our readers, to use that space to initiate and participate in discussions YOU introduce.

Here’s how we envision this working:

The 1st person to visit this page will kick things off by initiating a topic they wish to discuss. Anyone may respond by clicking Reply, just below the entry. More than one person can respond to a topic.

Anyone may start an entirely new topic. To do so scroll to the bottom of this page, add your question and/or statement in the Leave a Reply box and click the Post Comment button. This new topic will appear just below the previous topic of discussion.

To recap, click Reply, just below a topic, to add to that discussion.
To start a new topic, scroll down to the Leave a Reply box < Post Comment button.

For example: Someone interested in discussing the effects of ‘currency devaluation’ on International Educators would initiate the topic by posting a question and/or statement using the Leave a Reply box < Post Comment button, found at the bottom of this page.  Colleagues could then chime in by clicking Reply, just below the posted question or statement.

..What the results of this experiment will be is anyone’s guess. We envision a series of topics, community discussions and the opportunity to share ideas/opinions, and to further benefit from each others’ knowledge and experiences. Thank you for your participation!

Please scroll down to participate

Turn Your Idea into a New ISR Web Site Feature!

It’s the continued support  of the International Teaching community that makes ISR possible & helps the ISR web site continually evolve into an ever more useful recruiting tool.

Do YOU have something in mind that would make a strong addition to the ISR web site? We hope you’ll take a few minutes to share your idea with us and we invite you to post your ideas anonymously on this blog. If you prefer, you can contact us directly with the option to include your email address. Teachers Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is All About. Your support is much appreciated.