Good News – ISR is Now Better than Ever!

April 16, 2020

We’ve moved to our NEW bigger, badder, faster SERVER & have incorporated some long-awaited upgrades to the ISR Member experience. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


The ISR comprehensive SEARCH Feature is up & running: 

From finding schools near world-class skiing to locating those with outstanding Salaries & Benefits, getting the info YOU need to make informed decisions is easier than ever!


The Main INDEX to School REVIEWS has a new format:

We went from this….

To this Easy-to-Navigate Cell Phone Compatible format….


The Main INDEX to Admin REPORTS has a new look:

We went from this….

To Quick, Easy, Compact & Cell Phone friendly….



The FORUMs & all REVIEWs have been updated, too:

 The ISR Member Forum, Open Forum & all Reviews are now cell phone compatible



Other Significant Site Additions:

Landing Pages now have enhanced navigation to help you get where you want to be, faster.

Reviews that contains information about a school’s response to Covid-19 are identified with a bright, red * in the Most Recent Reviews list & the Main Directories to School &/or Admin Reviews.

Schools covered in the ISR Discussion Board, Name Your School & Comment on their Response to Covid-19, now carry a cross-reference link on their Member-Area Review Page. We’ve done the footwork for you.


International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed
just got quicker & easier. Many Thanks to our Members who ALL make ISR possible!

Exciting New Changes to ISR

February 20, 2020

It’s official! ISR has migrated to a brand new, state-of-the-art server with the potential to easily handle a comprehensive Search feature and several other site upgrades we’ve had on the drawing board for a while.

Coming soon, we’ll be implementing a much anticipated Search feature, as well as upgrading the Directory of School Reviews to a quick, easy-to-use drop-down Menu format. No more scrolling and searching for specific schools. Look for these new additions, soon. Very soon.

Site visitors who frequent ISR Forums will welcome the already implemented upgrade to a phone-friendly format. In case you haven’t already noticed, we also gave a responsive look and feel to the School Reviews and Admin Reports. Now, the entire site is mobile compatible!

We understand how important it is for you to have 24/7 access to information you need to make informed decisions concerning your career. As such, we made every effort to make the move to a new server as seamless as possible. If you found yourself inconvenienced during the site migration, however, please accept our apologies.

Note:  The new server and upgrades in no way means ISR has plans to raise the price of membership from its current $29 per year. Fact is, we have not raised the membership price in over 14 years and have no future plans to do so.

ISR thanks YOU and looks forward to serving the needs of our International Teaching Community in the many years to come.

The staff at ISR / Visit ISR

Happy Holidays from International Schools Review

December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays to our fellow International Educators around the world. At ISR we’ll be taking the next few days off to spend with loved ones. We hope your holiday season is filled with love, laughter & adventure!

Thanking YOU This Thanksgiving Day

November 28, 2019

We have a lot to be thankful for at International Schools Review. Most of all, we’re thankful for 16 Years of serving the International Teaching Community, all made possible by YOU!

From your colleagues here at ISR, we extend our heartfelt thanks and we wish you the very best this holiday season.

The Best is Yet to Come

December 27, 2018

It’s hard to believe in just a few days 2019 will be upon us! With the best yet to come, ISR waves goodbye to 2018 and greets 2019 with words of worldly wisdom from philosopher and theologian, St. Augustine:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”
From all of us at ISR, we Wish YOU Chapter after Chapter of Peace and Fulfillment in 2019 Visit ISR

On Retreat w/ ISR

July 12, 2018

ISR is on retreat this week in Mexico, land of sun, sand & sea, art, music, dance, history, cheap tequila &, of major significance in this climate, legendary cerveza.

Team-building is part of any retreat. ISR’s planned activities have consisted of imbibing spirits, savoring local fare, more imbibing, more savoring, & of course, shopping for souvenirs.

Once we reach full relaxed mode, we’ll endeavour a few brainstorming sessions, our goal being to make ISR the best it can be to help YOU navigate the often treacherous waters of International Teacher recruiting.

Hmm…’navigate, treacherous waters…?’ The sun, sand & sea are influencing me already! Relaxed & rejuvenated….. it’s about time to start brainstorming a plan for the upcoming recruiting season!

Enjoy YOUR summer vacation wherever your travels may take you!

Hasta Luego,

Ben @ ISR

Help ISR Settle an Ongoing Debate

January 11, 2018

Although it may seem trivial at first glance, there’s been much debate at ISR on the topic of whether or not we should convert the Open Forum and School Reviews sections of ISR to a cell phone friendly format. (Note: All other sections of the ISR web site have already been converted.)

The faction in favor of a conversion says….
Convert them both! Pure and simple. What are we waiting for?

The faction opposed to a conversion says….
Not so fast! Check out other popular web sites and you’ll see the forums have not been converted to a cell phone format, and for good reason:

If ISR changes the Open Forum and School Reviews sections to a cell phone format, the pages, because of the extensive information they contain, will become so long that a perspective of all that’s contained on a page will be lost on a cell phone. In other words, you won’t be able to see the trees for the forest, so to speak… The information is more easily available on a phone as it is now than extended to many, many pages in cell format.

To resolve the issue of whether to convert the Open Forum and School Review sections of the ISR web site to cell phone format we invite YOU to participate in the decision-making process. Your input will help us continue developing International Schools Review as an ever more useful, evolving tool for making your important career decisions.

International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is All About!

Please scroll down to take our short Survey. Feel free to comment, below.