Avoid ‘Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell’ this Recruiting Season

futuro_icons_340The just-inaugurated ISR MEMBER FORUM is off to tremendous beginnings!. Members are already exchanging Review-type information on 30+ schools from around the world & sharing the type of information that cannot be posted on the ISR Open Forum.

As always, ISR guarantees our users’ anonymity. This means you can feel safe knowing your identity is secure when asking Questions &/or posting honest responses that really matter. Now there’s a place to ask Questions & get uncensored Answers that go far beyond what a “director-appointed” teacher will/is allowed to tell you.

The ISR MEMBER FORUM is a dynamic addition to the 10,000+ Reviews of International Schools already hosted on ISR & should help you round out any Questions about a particular school you are considering for a career move. ISR wishes you the best of success this recruiting season & it is our hope the new ISR MEMBER FORUM will serve as one more useful tool in your search.

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Announcing: The ISR Member Forum

The Beta version of the ISR Member Forum was launched today! If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on a specific International School, this is the place. Review-type information is encouraged, information that cannot be permitted on the ISR Pubic Forum. With the addition of the Member Forum, teachers are now free to ask questions & share experiences/insights in this members-only forum setting. Have a look!

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From the Staff @ International Schools Review

staff95118011As we reflect back on 2015, ISR would like to thank our Members & visitors alike for their revealing, informative Reviews of International Schools & the many insightful contributions to the Forum & Blog discussions.

We are most appreciative of your editorial efforts that have collectively elevated ISR to the most relied upon source of first-hand information on International Schools around the world. It is your participation & dedication that makes ISR what it is today. Thanks for all you do!

In the upcoming year we have many updates in the works that will make ISR an even more comprehensive platform through which you will be able to share information on International Schools with colleagues in every corner of the world.

peace-sign-23752544From all of us at ISR We Wish You a Happy Holiday Season & a New Year filled with Peace on Earth.

Big-Time Teacher Salute from a Former International School Student


Dear international teachers,
From 5th grade through graduation I attended schools in 4 countries and loved nearly every minute of it.  My parents were both international school teachers and together we got to see the world. I have beautiful rose-colored memories of sights and cultures experienced over a childhood spent globe-trotting.  Now, as an adult with children of my own, I recently ventured into the online world to wallow in nostalgia and, perhaps, take the career leap into international teaching myself.

Of course, within minutes of searching for international schools I stumbled upon International Schools Review.  Out of curiosity I joined and began reading reviews of random schools.  Let me tell you, I was floored!  Maybe my family was lucky, or maybe my parents did a good job of shielding me from the up-close realities of teaching at these schools, but I had no idea that so many of you went through such mistreatment and abuse!

When I look back, I suppose I can see some of the issues that arose from living overseas:  I remember long hours spent in 3rd-world airports, disappointing housing accommodations in a new country, and seemingly endless days and paperwork in waiting rooms to get passports stamped, visas supplied, doctor’s appointments completed and immunizations provided.  Each new location was greeted with lots of embarrassing cultural exchanges, miscommunication and a constant, nagging feeling of being lost while navigating a new city, a new school, unfamiliar school standards, unknown classmates/peers, and a totally different way of interacting with others in my school and community. And all this discomfort was just for me as a child.

When I read on ISR what teachers have to deal with, the administrations of these international schools sound especially unpleasant.  In hindsight, I imagine that some of the rich, overly indulged kids I experienced as peers were probably very challenging to have as students.  I am sure that many of the filthy rich parents who welcomed me into their lavish, sometimes obscenely so, homes were demanding and awful to tangle with, especially if the director took their side in the battle. I can’t imagine working with few materials, missing paychecks, vendettas by insecure administrators, and/or maltreatment of local staff.

After some time reading ISR as a member, I must say that I am sincerely impressed with you all as a community.  Never once as a student did I get the impression that my teachers were being put through the ringer. To smile and inform a classroom of children while left unsupported and unappreciated by the school/parents/students themselves is a Herculean feat.  I know that in international schools I was given a great education by a group of creative, inspirational teachers who truly cared.  So whatever you all are going through day-to-day, remember that you ARE changing and shaping lives for the better.  Without a doubt I know I am a better person for all you did for us students, and I absolutely salute you!
Thank you!

A former international student

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Colleagues Need YOUR Advice

send-a-review-iconAs International teachers, we’re ALL looking for schools that meet &/or exceed our expectations. As you know, recruiting season is on the horizon & YOUR School Review can greatly benefit colleagues in the process of researching schools for a potential upcoming career move. International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is all about!

If you had an outstanding experience at your last school, spread the word! Or, on the flip side, remember: You know you promised yourself you’d write a School Review once safely away from that previous, not-so-good International School. Now’s the time to keep that promise!

Or, have you just settled into a new school? Why not share your first impressions on the location, the administration & the school? Your colleagues will appreciate the insight!

None of us can afford to leave our careers to chance. You don’t need to be an ISR member to share your experience, and, as always, your anonymity is guaranteed! Send a School Review

Write a Review…or Else!

unhappy-at-computer51853762  It appears that in an effort to attract teaching candidates, at least one International School has opted to demand Reviews from their teaching staff. Over these past weeks of recruiting season, ISR has received 3 emails from teachers reporting they were denied Letters of Reference until they posted a glowingly positive Review of their school and locale. With a little detective work you can spot such an extorted Review. Here’s how:

Let’s say the first 16 Reviews paint a picture of low pay, micro-management, despicable housing, unruly students, lack of supplies (as in, one photo copier for the entire school), non-existent professional development, no admin support, and a slow-as-molasses Internet connection. In stark contrast, Reviews 17-19 portray the School as the best thing that could ever happened to your teaching career and advises you to jump at the chance to teach there!! These last few Reviews would certainly be suspect to such extortion, wouldn’t you agree?

Likewise, when a known hot-spot danger zone is reviewed as a lovely city w/ plenty to do, or I always feel safe here (when just last month there were kidnappings of Westerners) and yet the evaluation rubric displays a 9/10 for Security, it should make you wonder if the poster never leaves the school compound or if their Letter of Reference is being held hostage by an unscrupulous school.

Exercising common sense and due diligence go a long way when reading Reviews on ISR. We choose to believe the majority of International Schools are forthright educational institutions with the best interests of students, parents and teachers in mind. But keep in mind, it’s those few landmines out there, both schools and locales, that you surely want to avoid. If a school suddenly sounds too good to be true, proceed with caution!

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Answers to ALL Your Questions

As of 5/15/2017, with nearly 45,283 posts organized under 5075 topics encompassing every imaginable aspect of International Education, the ISR FORUM has earned its place as a veritable compendium of ALL things related to International Teaching. Best of all, the ISR Forum is FREE for all! This recruiting season & throughout the year, we encourage you to take part in the largest, on line community of International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed.
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Do NO Reviews Mean It’s Okay to Go?

okay-to-goWe’ve noticed comments on our ISR Blog & Forum venues which profess that it’s a “good thing” when a school has no Reviews on ISR, and that this probably means it’s an Okay school. ISR will agree that dissatisfied teachers are probably more likely to post Reviews; but there is, however, an aspect to the “lack of Reviews” that deserves some serious attention:

Anonymous Blog poster:  I disagree with this comment that ‘If there are no reviews, it usually means the school is OK.’ A previous school I worked at didn’t have reviews because the admin were SO powerful, teachers were scared to post their views. We would all talk about the lack of ISR reviews and about how we should have the guts to do something to let prospective teachers know the truth. A whole bunch of us have left that school and a few have finally written truthful accounts, and they’re interspersed with reviews obviously written by the administrators themselves. So yes, they write on ISR, too, to counter the negative reviews. Take it all with a grain of salt and know that every piece of information you receive helps you to make an informed decision.

Traveling Teacher:  I have to say, I do get frustrated when I read one glowing review and then immediately thereafter, one that is completely awful. Also, some of the reviews are older, so I always wonder if the school got better and is that is why teachers stopped reviewing? Or did too many bad reviews cause the school to threaten their employees to not review anymore because they would be found out and fired? Who knows?? It’s strange to me, though, when they just stop….

Anonymous Blog poster #2:  At the school where I am currently working teachers don’t post because the administrators have a lot of control and power over us. ISR is an amazing resource for international teachers. Just use caution when reading the reviews and try to read between the lines. If there are no postings, do NOT make any assumptions!

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What to Believe?

ISR-on-laptopDear Staff @ ISR,
I’m new to overseas teaching and hoping to go international for the first time this upcoming academic year. I’ve been researching schools and I found your website quite by accident. I became a member, and truthfully I’m just not sure what to think!

Here’s an example of what confuses me: The website of a school I’m looking into is professionally done with a bird’s-eye panoramic view of a campus that rivals any K-12 school here in Ohio (USA). However — a review on your website says the school just rents one floor of a building from the university shown in the photo. The school’s website makes it seem like they own everything in the photo. It looks impressive! So what’s the truth?

I’m also finding major discrepancies between what some school websites have to say and the reviews on ISR. I don’t know what to believe. It’s just hard for me to fathom that some of the stuff on your website actually happens.

I am writing to ask what you guys have to say about what I’m telling you. If you would be so kind as to write back and give me your take on this it would really help me.
A Newcomer to international teaching

Dear Newbie,
Thanks for writing with your question. This is an interesting and deserving topic of discussion. Because there are many, many facets to your question and a simple answer will not suffice, we plan to include your comments in our upcoming Newsletter. We’ll add a blog feature so teachers familiar with both ISR and the realities of teaching overseas can leave insightful comments.

This should offer a comprehensive answer to your query. I’ve checked and you are on our Newsletter mailing list so keep an eye out for Thursday’s newsletter. This topic should be of help to other educators new to International teaching.

Thanks for joining and supporting ISR, and for taking the time to write.
Best Regards,
Ben @ ISR

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Thinking of YOU!

dove15779774From all of us at International Schools Review, thank you for your support! After all, it’s your participation that makes ISR an ever-expanding global community of International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed. From insightful School Reviews to informative Forum and Blog posts, it’s YOUR input that molds ISR into a relied upon, useful tool for colleagues around the world. Here’s wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace on Earth.

The International Educators’ Bill of Rights – Protection we ALL deserve

  In the excitement of the upcoming recruiting season, as a newbie or seasoned veteran, remember that your first priority to yourself & your career should be to find out exactly what a school is asking you to commit to. Can this International School be counted on to treat their teaching staff honorably? Do they historically follow moral & legal rules of contractual engagement? Are they honest in their obligations to teachers & in compliance with their nations’ laws? While most International Schools are true to their word we can see on ISR that not all schools would be able to answer “Yes” to these questions.

Schools that withhold salaries, switch contract terms, substitute poor housing for promised housing, fail to reimburse visa, travel &/or shipping allowances, renege on health insurance & engage in other dishonest practices are not acceptable schools to work at by any stretch of the imagination. The International Educators’ Bill of Rights was created through the input of hundreds of educators working around the world who experienced just such abuses.

What would it take for a recruiting agency to bar a dishonorable school from their recruiting venue? Although we can verify that through the years a handful of schools have been banned from recruiting, based on ISR School Reviews there remains more than just a few schools that deserve to be sanctioned. And yet we find them listed to recruit at major venues this season.

Until the time recruiting agencies accept full responsibility for bringing abusive schools into compliance or banning them altogether, ISR recommends recruiting candidates consult the International Educators’ Bill of Rights as a yardstick by which to measure a school’s commitment to their teaching staff.

Why take chances with your personal well-being & your career? Before accepting an overseas teaching position ask the school Director if his/her school endorses basic rights for teachers as outlined in the International Educators’ Bill of Rights. You’ll be glad you did!

Click here to read International Educators’ Bill of Rights  
Click here to download/print International Educators’ Bill of Rights

What Makes ISR Different?

fish54907403An ISR member posted the following topic to the ISR Forum & has received some engaging replies. With recruiting season about to switch into high gear, we wanted to share with you what members are saying about the ISR network of International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed. We hope you’ll join us!


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Why Reviews Stop Posting

derailed44995828ISR received a thought-provoking email this morning. After much conversation on the topic we moved to share the email with Members for Comment:

Hello ISR, I am checking out a school in Kuwait and I see that the last posting year was 2011. Am I missing something or is this really the last entry you have about this school, the Universal American School? Many of the reports were very bad and the fact that there are none after 2011 caused me to wonder if there were some errors on the dates of the reports or if there are some reviews missing. Perhaps the school has improved and now no one is disgruntled enough to post anything? A bit strange though….

(name withheld)

In response, ISR wrote:

Hi —-, You may be right that the school has improved and no one is disgruntled enough at this time to post anything. I do see that the school still has the same owner and maybe she has changed/improved her management style.

However, consider these other scenarios that may cause Reviews to stop appearing, as related to us by Reviews from international teachers:

1) A gag order:  A clause in the “revised” contract says teachers will not post any information about the school to any web site. The consequence, if discovered, may be immediate dismissal. Teachers have reported that their school threatened legal action as a consequence for posting to a web site.

2) A “witch-hunt”: Teachers have related incidents of being called into the office, one-by-one, to be interrogated by a school attorney when an unfavorable post appeared. One Director went so far as to lie to staff that he “has a friend at ISR who will tell him who posted the objectionable Review…so confess and make life easy”.

3) A date cover-up: It could also be that the poster is  currently at the school they are reviewing and trying to protect their identity even further by using earlier “dates covered” by their Review. This would lead admin to believe they have already left the school.

What is happening at the Universal American School in Kuwait is unknown. It does seem odd that the posts stop at 2011 when there are thirty-nine posts, many of which are negative. Investigation reveals several other schools which fall into the same pattern.

I suggest you post your questions about this school to our Forum and see what teachers have to say, or, if anyone can and will respond.

Hope this information is of some help to you.


Paul @ ISR

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Has ISR Helped You Make a Wise Decision?

stop-think-act44641327Letters from International Schools Review members telling us how we helped them avoid a “landmine-school” enforces our belief that we’re helping colleagues to make the best career moves. With more and more entrepreneurs creating for-profit, cash-cow schools, and employing Westerners to help complete the artificial image, it’s ever more important to be vigilant in vetting a school before making a commitment.

ISR makes the same strong, school-vetting recommendations every year. And then, about three months into the academic year, we begin getting emails saying, “I wish I would have read the Reviews before I came here!”

A teacher recently wrote to tell ISR she would have made a tragic error had she signed with a school, a school the Director was touting as being on the ‘cutting edge of educational practices’. ISReviews, to the contrary, painted an accurate picture of every classroom, across all grade levels, teaching in lock-step from a textbook–a photocopied, ancient textbook, at that!

Last week we heard from teacher who told us he attended a school’s presentation at the recruiting fair and was immensely impressed with the school’s size, architectural presence and resources. Consulting ISR he discovered the photos were of a local university that rents a small wing of one building to a local enterprise that call this space an ‘International School’.  He passed on the offer.

ISReviews are rife with reports of schools that don’t make their payroll, or don’t procure work visas for  teachers, who then find themselves working illegally in a country where they could be jailed if discovered. Worse yet are those that switch-up contracts upon a teacher’s arrival, withdraw health benefits and/or suddenly expect teachers to share housing. The list goes on and on.

There are a great many schools around the world that fulfill our expectations of what the international teaching experience should be. But, as with every industry, there are imposters with financially-oriented motives who masquerade as the real thing, waiting to ensnare the uninformed. International Schools Review hopes our efforts will spare you that experience.

Has ISR helped you avoid a landmine? Has ISR helped you step into a rewarding International teaching situation? We invite you to share your experiences!

For Newbies: Advice for Landing Overseas Teaching Positions is on the ISR Forum

new42394915If you’re new to International Teaching & want someone to evaluate your chances of landing an Overseas position, who do you turn to for advice? Hands down, the best individuals to consult would be International Educators already in the field & teaching candidates in your same situation who have already picked up useful information. With this thought in mind, prospective overseas teachers regularly post details of their qualifications & unique family situations to the ISR Forum. They then invite Forum members to offer personalized advice. Here’s some recent examples from the ISR Forum: See full article / Post & Reply to Recruiting Questions

Successful Recruiting with ISR

dice25867895As International Educators we leave our home countries to immerse ourselves in new, exotic lands & to enjoy the unique opportunity of teaching students from many cultures. Of the 6 schools in which I taught, 4 were outstanding examples of what the International teaching experience should be. Unfortunately, 2 of the 6 were such utter disasters they nearly destroyed my desire to pursue a career in International education. We all want to avoid such schools!

It’s truly upsetting to hear about educators being taken advantage of by supposed ‘entrepreneurs’ who have disguised their get-rich plans to look like an International school. At International Schools Review we strive to make your recruiting efforts successful by helping you steer clear of these schools. We do this by hosting in-depth & candid reviews of International schools around the globe. As recounted in many of the 6500+ Reviews we host, most International schools are wonderfully enriching, but care needs to be taken to avoid those that are not.

Yes, ISR has been accused of hosting Reviews written by merely “disgruntled” teachers. But, when dozens+ of such Reviews exist for a particular school, we can no longer question the validity of the claims. As we’ve seen time and again, taking a Pollyanna-ish approach to researching schools can be detrimental to your career & personal safety.

ISR encourages you to do your homework & thoroughly research any school you may be considering. We invite you to visit our Members’ Area to read what teachers have to say about their experiences in an uncensored, up-front & candid way. We also invite you to Share with colleagues your personal approach to safe International school recruiting. How do YOU insure your experience will be a positive one?

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The ISR Newsletter Archive

knowledge41985625Continuing our efforts to evolve ISR into an ever more valuable tool for researching International Schools and Administration, we have created a Newsletter Archive and have thus far indexed two years of ISR Newsletters. Now ISR readers can view Newsletters sequentially, along with the ability to flip back and forth between Newsletters and other site features. Whether you’re doing research, staying abreast of cutting-edge topics or catching up on Newsletters you may have missed, we think you’ll agree– the Newsletter Archive is a beneficial addition to the ISR web site. Take a test drive!

We’re Customizing ISR With Some Neat, New Features

upgrade44041384It’s no secret International Schools Review is jam-packed-full of candid, insightful information about schools around the world. Sometimes, however, getting to that information can be a bit more time consuming than it should be. With our members’ on-line experience in mind, we at ISR think it’s time to add some cool new features that will allow you to customize how you interact with the ISR web site.

At the top of our list of things-to-add is the option to reverse the order in which school Reviews appear on a page. We’ve thought this a great idea for some time but discovered our current system did not allow for what would seem like a simple operation. That’s about to change, and much more! Along with a search engine with the ability to search for high-ranking schools, we’re exploring the possibility of offering automatic alerts so you can get updates to your email account when information you want gets posted to the site.

new-and-improved39743329All these changes will be made behind the scenes, so to speak. In other words, ISR will be in full operation at all times. Then, once we have everything set, we’ll make an announcement and switch to the new, improved ISR, all in one fell swoop. We’re aiming for mid-September.

ISR is all about Teachers Keeping Each Other informed. We’d appreciate it if you’d help keep us informed and take a few minutes to share any ideas you have for features you’d like to see incorporated into the ISR upgrade. We can’t guarantee we’ll use all your ideas, but we’ll do our best to tailor ISR to meet your needs. Thanks!

Let’s Talk: Legal Matters

hammerIt can be stressful here at ISR when a school or attorney threatens us. Usually they express outrage over a poor Review or a critical Comment and want it removed. These schools would like us to prune Reviews to represent their school as they think they should be seen rather than as Reviewed by their teachers on ISR.

Some excerpts from recent mail:

We consider this as an abuse from an unethical few teachers. And you as professionals, we expect you to take action towards these reviews, or at least remove their posts. Otherwise, unfortunately we have to take a legal action towards the owners of the web site.

If all libellous comments are not removed within 31 days of this notice, or libels are repeated in the future, legal action will be taken in the US, UK and Malaysia, and substantial compensation will be sought.

What has been posted on your web site is a pack of lies by people who failed to do their jobs and were let go during the two month probation period. Also please note, that what’s written under Director Report is personal slander and libel. If you don’t remove the post immediately you will hear from the school lawyer. (see blog for more letters)

You will be receiving a letter shortly from our attorney.

I hope you will see the wisdom of this request as if not I am authorised to begin legal proceedings against your company as we consider you to have been complicit in this libel. If the material is deleted we will consider the matter closed.

I formally request that all comments that are personally related to myself (and totally inaccurate) are removed before I decide to take legal action. I await your confirmation of removal of the slanderous / libelous comments…

We should add that in light of the nature of the violating content and your refusal to cooperate the damages could be substaintial….You should take legal advice if you are in any doubt abut the seriousness of this matter. Please confirm if you have instructed lawyers and, if so, ask them to confirm they are authorized to accept proceedings on your behalf.

Of course, we take these letters seriously. Still, we’re waiting for someone to call and lavishly praise ISR for the outstanding reviews we host of  their school and leadership.

ISR would like to confirm that when you join ISR you become a member of a global network of International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed. ISR does NOT remove Reviews. Although at times it would be an easy way out, we will not allow overbearing individuals to force ISR into hiding the stark truth of poor schools and/or leadership, as reported by teachers in the field.

An ISR member sums up the situation succinctly: “If these directors only worried about why so many people leave their schools and address the problems, rather than blaming others, they might actually begin to solve some problems and improve their schools in the process.”

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The Very Best Reviews

YOU depend on International Schools Review for the latest insightful Reviews on schools & administrators.

ISR depends on YOU for the most insightful & informative Reviews. Let’s consider some tips from ISR members for writing the most awesome Reviews:


Reviews should be objective

What’s IN? Reviewing the state of your school supplies (lacking or bountiful) is beneficial. Reporting how you & your colleagues work together (or against each other) to solve problems is helpful. A healthy objective Review only includes those experiences & conversations you’ve had yourself. Not rumors. Not hearsay. Not the expectations/thoughts/desires of others that you think you know.

What’s OUT? Including in your Review the rumors heard in the staff lounge about how the Director is sleeping around is NOT objective or beneficial to others.  Nor is relating how your school is losing students because the board would rather buy all admin a new iPhone than purchase textbooks. Unless you are on the board or the financial director, you don’t know the internal workings or motivations of your school. You can’t say that simply everyone calls her “Ms Grumpy Pants.” Really. This type of unsubstantiated comment does not make a good Review.

Reviews should be truthful

What’s IN? If you are truly unhappy about, say, the state of your housing accommodations, state the specifics of why you’re not pleased. Rather than resorting to hyperbole (“a gazillion cockroaches”) state exactly what & why it wasn’t suitable. Too dirty? Too greedy a landlady? The school wouldn’t help you in any way with a rental problem? What? Do tell!

Reporting snippets of conversations that were foul (“He called me untrustworthy in front of a parent!”) or situations (“She will not allow any teacher to contribute suggestions at staff meetings”) that you actually experienced will show your Review to be truthful & exacting in actual situations. That type of Review is hugely beneficial to a recruiting person, yes?

What’s OUT? It’s human for people & situations to get under your skin. It’s even truer in new cultures & work environments. But for a great Review, those snarky comments need not apply. If you add your own soured personal reflections on your colleagues/admin/school simply to strike back, it never helps another person who is trying to discover if a school is worth their recruiting time.

Reviews should be timely

ISR has been in existence for more than nine years. While it may be tempting to go back to 2004 & send in a Review just to finally(!) speak your mind, it’s not typically helpful for recruiting teachers hoping to learn what is happening now.

However, writing a Review at the beginning of a school year, and again few months later during crunch time right before recruiting time-off happens, or whenever a big change occurs on the Board or Administration, well…ALL these times are good for posting a Review. How does your school handle leave? Do they balk at news you have to have time off to visit an ill loved one back home? Are they sloooow to give the word on whether your contract will be renewed? Did they show their cards when they changed a grade you posted?

Schools evolve & your experience will, too. Posting several Reviews per school year gives a reader the best idea of how a school changes & improves (or degenerates). It’s in your hands to show, via an awesome Review, how the school develops & deals with change, good and bad.

With recruiting season right around the corner, ISR thanks YOU for your thoughtful, insightful Reviews, International educators keeping each other informed! Thank YOU!

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