Would YOU Hire Me?

June 9, 2016

right_for_job-87843161As teaching candidates it’s quite normal to have questions about our suitability for employment at an International School, especially when we’re focused on finding a job at a school of our choice.

Problem is, who can you ask to evaluate your chances of getting what you want? ISR has a simple solution which is to Post a Peer Evaluation Request on our newest venue: Would YOU Hire Me?

The Peer Evaluation Request (below) originally appeared on the ISR Open Forum. In hardly any time at all this has received over 3,500 views & scads of replies from International Educators offering insightful, constructive advice. It’s this level of collegiality we had originally envisioned for the ISR Forum.

If you would like advice in regards to your own personal potential to land a job at a school that tops your list, we encourage you to take advantage of our newest venue: Would YOU Hire Me?

We’ve included the following Peer Evaluation Request as a sample of what a teaching candidate may want to include in their entry. This is a real request from a real teacher. Feel free to answer this post, create your own that reflects your personal situation, or respond to any/all requests for Peer Evaluation you feel inspired to answer. As always, you can choose to remain anonymous when posting to ISR.

Peer Evaluation Request 
(from ISR Forum)

Post by Cafare52 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:53 pm

I taught for 2 years in the US before going overseas to a reasonably respected IB program but left after 2 years because of salary and cost of living. Now I am in a city that I really like on a good salary but I feel my skills are atrophying and the program is weak/non-IB and students are mostly local (of the ESL variety). It is hugely disappointing. I am not an unreasonable person whatsoever but don’t really feel like I will grow in the direction I want to at my current post. Like everyone else in our profession I think I am a superstar but unlike them I actually am one.

So next hiring cycle if I choose to leave I would have:
-2 years in States
-2 years at IB school teaching non-IB classes.
-2 years at AP school teaching non-AP classes.
-Masters Degree
-IB training but no IB teaching experience
-All 6 years of experience in Secondary Social Studies including Economics.

Is the 2, 2, and 2 year thing a red flag? What do you think here? I know I interview well and can explain things away but is that the type of thing that would prevent me from getting an interview?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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