One of These Schools Could Ruin Your Career

red-and-blue-dices-116923640-schreviews..It’s no secret that some so-called “International Schools” were created with the sole intent to financially capitalize on parents seeking a quality International education for their children. As such, these schools don’t focus on educational standards, but need only lily-white Western faces, and not much more, to complete the facade. No educator should naively end up in one of these schools.

..The problem is, not all web sites allow teachers to tell the honest truth about such schools and post only pollyanna-ish, glowing Comments rather than full Reviews. This may sound harsh, but know this: ISR hosts thousands of honest, up-front School Reviews. Those teachers who have been abused relate, in candid terms, how they were deceived and taken advantage of by unscrupulous School recruiters hiring unsuspecting candidates in order to bilk families out of millions of tuition dollars.

..Don’t get the wrong idea — There are wonderful schools out there and ISR can help you pinpoint the right school for you. We highly recommend you stay safe and consult ISR’s 10,000+ candid, in-depth School Reviews before YOUR next career move. Not a member yet? Take a Tour of ISR

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Unforeseen End-of-Year Land Mines

cheated38615170With the academic year nearly completed, many of us are preparing to move on from our current schools to new schools, new adventures. For some, the experience is sadly not shaping up as anticipated. One group of schools has allegedly cast a shadow over what should be a time filled with good memories and excitement.

A school Review posted to ISR reflects the situation. In the Review a teacher asks, in an open letter to management, for fair treatment in regards to payment of salaries and funds owed departing staff. ISR Members can read the complete Review (Pls scroll to Review #22).

An excerpt from the Review:

….We all have contracts that show very clearly we are employed till the end of August and will be paid till then. But in my experience you do not respect any contract or the teachers you employ. I’m afraid you will try, once again, to cheat and defraud leaving staff by paying them only 40% of their salary. This school gives contracts with all kinds of allowances that are 60% of the total salary so that when the time comes for teachers to leave, they show them the contract and pay only 40% for July and August – that is ALL you take home with you for two or three years of hard work!….
ISR members can read more

SR would like to believe the majority of International Educators are in a supportive environment and finding the process of moving on to be a fulfilling experience. For educators in a situation like the one described above, it’s important you Post a Review so colleagues can be kept informed of potential land mines to be avoided. It’s equally important to post about good experiences, as such experiences are what we ALL want for ourselves and colleagues.

Some years ago a teacher at a Mexico City International School felt he had been treated unfairly. In an effort to warn other educators about his school, he followed the school’s recruiting team to various recruiting fairs to protest their presence. He reported his first-hand experiences to ISR and we posted them so readers could follow his efforts. It seems that shortly thereafter a new Director was in place.

Hopefully, the teacher who recently posted the above Review on ISR won’t have to go to the extremes of the teacher in Mexico City. Teachers Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is all about. These situations CAN be avoided!

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