Absolute Must Do’s Before Departing

Our previous newsletter, You Can’t Take Everything, invited International Educators to share what they consider the absolute must-pack-&-bring items for an overseas move.

Advice included provisions you wouldn’t readily think to take along. Here’s a sample:

♦ Extra socks & underwear. Even though they may be manufactured in your new location, they may not be worn or sold there.

♦ Soft linens/towels. They’re not available in all countries.

♦ Wall art, unframed. Blank walls get depressing & framing is inexpensive in most locations.

♦ 5-second nail glue, Polysporin, band-aids, liquid hand gel.

♦ Screens to cover windows so you can open them & keep the bugs out.

For more items see: You Can’t Take Everything

..Now that we all know what to bring with us, the next essential step before departure is getting your life arranged so you can manage all your responsibilities from a distance. There’s much more to this than meets the eye & speaking from experience, it’s a heck of a lot easier to make arrangements from home than from thousands of miles away, across multiple time-zones.

Some examples of a must-do list:

♦ Set up all bank accounts for online access & test log-ins (make sure all bank cards/credit cards are up-to-date).

♦ Ensure passports/driver’s license are up-to-date. Get an international driver’s permit & extra pictures of yourself for documents.

♦ Decide what to do with your current car insurance – it’s difficult/expensive to get a new policy when you return home if you don’t have an existing policy. Figure the costs of keeping it vs. cancelling it.

♦ If you have health insurance & an existing condition, canceling the policy may mean trouble getting a new policy when you return to live back home. Weigh how long you plan to be gone against the price of a new policy with pre-existing conditions added in.

♦ Get all bills paid off early if possible & shut down everything you can. Put bills you can’t pay off on auto pay.

Relax, it’s supposed to be stressful.

Seasoned international educators, you’ve learned some valuable lessons in regard to overseas moves. Here’s an opportunity to offer sound advice for teachers new, & not so new, to the International teaching circuit. Teachers Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is all about!

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