Coping w/ Negative Colleagues

May 10, 2018

Negativity from others is something you may experience in all walks of life, but how does one deal with negativity when it’s pervasive in a close-knit International School community?

I’m not at a particularly great International School, I’ll say that much. It’s a third-tier school but I make it work and I am happy here. The admin, however, has been making major changes which, (we’re told) will be positive in the long-run. But I feel the constant upheaval in the short-term is creating some issues, causing some teachers to develop a negative attitude. Most of those issues have to do with the admin implementing the changes all at once.

My problem is that there’s far too much negativity because of this happening. Normally I’m an optimistic, upbeat person, content to simply do my best in my classroom, contribute through extra-curricular activities & go about my workday as well as I can. However, the negative attitude by a group of teachers has really been getting to me lately. It’s impossible to ignore or to remain uninvolved.

I can feel a negative mind-set creeping in. How do seasoned teachers cope with negative colleagues that bring you down?

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