You Can’t Take Everything

You’re truly one of the lucky ones if you’ve landed a teaching position at a school that supplies a 20-foot, all-expense-paid shipping container for your upcoming move. Not all schools, however, are so generous & most of us will soon be trying to cram our entire world into what amounts to a small herd of suitcases.

Considering today’s technology, it’s not necessary to pack heavy/bulky teaching materials & textbooks, both of which can be scanned/reprinted at destination. Novels, sheet music & the likes are readily available on Kindle & other devices so there’s no need to use up that precious airline-imposed weight/space allowance on space-killing paper products.

With that said, if you’re moving in suitcases, what are the absolutely necessary-to-pack items? For starters, how about earplugs for noisy sleeping environments, personal reading material for a year (remember – scan & download it at destination), postage stamps from your home country so people traveling back can mail items for you, extra passport photos, a good map, an ample supply of required medications & voltage converters, if necessary.

Soon International Educators will be leaving for overseas posts, some for the very first time, packing & repacking, making sure they’re remembering everything they’ll need in their new country of residence. To be sure no one forgets to pack something they’ll wish they had on arrival, ISR Asks: What are YOUR must-pack items when going overseas to live?

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