Waiting to Hear Back

March 27, 2014

Dear Dr. Spilchuk,

waiting40855462I’m curious as to how long it normally takes to hear back from a school after interviewing for an international teaching position? I attended the ISS fair in San Francisco and am also a member of TIE online. Most recently I had Skype conversations with schools in China, Saudi, and Kuwait. The conversations went well but it’s two weeks later and I have heard nothing.

I am wondering how long it typically takes to hear back from schools? My dream is to teach in an international school but it is very frustrating to send emails resumes, etc and then hear nothing. Thoughts, advice appreciated.
With warm regards,

Looking to work abroad

Hello ‘Looking to work abroad’,

I understand that it is very frustrating when people you have interviewed with do not let you know within a reasonable time period whether or not they want you for a position. I would tend to think that after two weeks the school has decided to hire someone else. Perhaps you could follow up with each school by sending the following email to the person who interviewed you to ascertain their position regarding employing you:
“Thank you for the opportunity to interview for a position at your school via Skype on _______.    I believe I would be a good fit for your school. However, I must make a decision to ensure international employment for next year and other opportunities have been presented to me that I must consider. Can you please confirm, in writing, whether I am still a candidate you are considering for a position next year? If I am, when might you offer me a contract?”
If the school is still ‘thinking’ of hiring you, they will respond. If they have already found a candidate, they most likely will not.
Good luck!