Go / NO-Go Locales for LGBTQ International Educators

June 28, 2018

For LGBTQ International Educators, first-hand, up-to-date knowledge of what it’s actually like to live/work/play in locations around the globe is of paramount importance. No International teaching position is worth risking one’s personal well-being and safety, and no one wants to disguise their identity simply for a paycheck.

Some societies practice acceptance and tolerance, and just as many do not. What was once a safe haven can turn into a hot bed of hate and/or prejudice. Seemingly overnight, a change of political party can turn a nation of tolerance into one of hate. It’s frightening that some societies levy hefty, even life-threatening penalties for any expressed affections other than those of ‘straight’ relationships. It’s equally scary that some societies, en masse, validate discrimination based on religious beliefs.

With our world in a state of constant flux we felt it timely to provide a venue where the LGBGTQ International Teaching Community can share information, experiences and more, all in advance of this year’s Recruiting Fairs. Stay safe – Research, Research, Research!

Note:  An earlier Article, Alternative Lifestyles Overseas, was published 8 years ago. No doubt the world and attitudes have changed since then. Your insight is appreciated!

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